TRAIL Media Kit

TRAIL provides promotional materials and information to help member institutions promote TRAIL resources and services locally.


In 2021, TRAIL is celebrating its fifteen years of preserving technical reports and making them accessible.  To acknowledge this milestone, TRAIL has a celebratory logo and video that may be used for promotions.


These infographics highlight fiscal year accomplishments.



These brochures highlight the importance of technical reports and highlight TRAIL tools to access reports.  The brochures contain the same content, but one has more color and the other has less color, and is therefore cheaper to print.  Designed to help TRAIL libraries spread the word among library staff, research and teaching faculty, students, and others as an introduction to TRAIL, as well as to opportunities to participate in TRAIL

Social Media

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Sample text for social media: 

  1. Get free full-text access to U.S. government technical reports from over 20 different agencies.  Learn more about TRAIL at 
  2. Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL), an initiative to provide free full-text digital access to federal technical reports. 
  3. Over 85,000 U.S. government agency technical reports all openly accessible from a single source at
  4. The mission of TRAIL is to ensure preservation, discoverability, and persistent open access to U.S. government technical publications regardless of form or format.


Currently we have pens and stickers promoting TRAIL.  Contact Laura Sare at Texas A&M University Libraries to acquire materials.  Quantities are limited.


Use TRAIL logos to promote TRAIL in your local institution's social media announcements, newsletters, and more.

Media Contact:  Laura Sare  lsare AT

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Search U.S. government technical reports issued primarily prior to 1976 and digitized by TRAIL.