Shared Purchase Program

The CRL Shared Purchase Program supports the cooperative acquisition of costly sets that were nominated and considered for the Purchase Proposal Program, but were not of sufficiently broad interest to warrant purchase under the funds earmarked for that program. These sets are normally of high interest to a small subset of CRL libraries.

The original nominating library and CRL contribute seed funds toward the joint shared purchase. Commitments of 5 to 20 percent of the purchase price with a minimum commitment of $100 may be made for seed funding. A new ballot is created, which serves as a pledge form. Any member library can pledge funds toward the purchase of anything on the Shared Purchase Ballot. This program is entirely voluntary. The benefits of cost avoidance and shared ownership are achieved for the entire membership at a low cost to the individual members participating in any shared purchase.

Collections acquired through this program during the past few years include, among others:

  • Poona Observer and Civil & Military Journal, February 1876–December 1906
  • Sound Toll Registers. Unit 1: 1497–1599
  • Brazilian Workers’ Party set
  • the Winston Churchill Papers, Series 1–4

Sets reaching a 90-percent total commitment level are ordered. Sets with lower commitments may be ordered depending on the availability of funds in CRL’s library materials budget to cover the balance. E-mail is sent to participating members to inform them that a set has been ordered and to confirm the address where the invoice will be sent by CRL’s Accounting Department. Area studies projects may also participate in the program with any purchased sets held jointly by CRL and the area study project. For details about Shared Purchase Program deadlines, as well as more general information, please contact CRL Member Services

The FY2016 Shared Purchase Proposal ballot is now closed.