CRL is the organizational umbrella under which specialists and scholars from major North American research libraries pool knowledge and resources to ensure the survival and accessibility of historical and cultural evidence. CRL provides administrative, logistical, financial management, and communications support for these ongoing cooperative efforts, which also make a wealth of additional resources available to the CRL community.

Global Resources Partnerships

Aligning with CRL's strategic focus on the major domains of news; law & government; science, technology and engineering; and agriculture, CRL's Global Resources Partnerships integrate collection-building, digitization and digital access; and print preservation in the development and management of resources for CRL institutions.

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Global Resources Programs

CRL supports communities of interest that identify, acquire, preserve, and make accessible primary source collections from all regions of the world. CRL's longstanding Area Materials Projects (AMPs) and newer Global Resources programs concentrate on expanding access to resources not commonly held in U.S. libraries and extending the reach of research libraries through international partnerships and knowledge exchange.

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