CRL Login and Contact Information System

CRL Login

While access to CRL resources such as digitized content is automatically provided through member institutions’ IP-based filter, certain interactive services--such as event registration, license offer terms, and purchase proposal voting--require login. Individuals can access login-protected resources across multiple CRL applications with just one centrally managed account, providing:

  • Single username and password:
    • Username is your institution-affiliated e-mail address
    • Password can be reset easily; click “forgot password” link and enter your username
  • Special access rights for individuals with assigned roles, such as member representative on CRL committees and working groups
  • “Single-sign-on” allowing seamless access from one protected application to another
  • Access to resources from off-campus locations without requiring IP-based filter

Create and update your CRL Login

  • To create a basic user account, please complete the account sign-up form from an on-campus IP address. Your username is your institution-affiliated email address.
  • User accounts with special access permissions, such as committee members and member liaisons, are created by CRL staff.
  • Update your account profile and request password changes from any CRL application. To change the institution affiliation on an existing account please use this form.
  • Not a CRL member? You may still complete an account sign-up form to create a CRL login to participate in selected events subject to CRL authorization. Your login does not permit access to CRL member-only activities or content.

CRL Contact Information System

CRL has established a secure Contact Information System (CIS) database to enhance services and communications with member institutions. CIS helps to

  • Provide relevant information to individuals at CRL libraries while minimizing redundant messages
  • Connect with key staff members and understand their organizational roles
  • Securely designate representatives and contacts from CRL libraries to act on various CRL functions including ILL, voting on CRL purchases, and participation in license offers
Contact Information System Security

Information in the CIS database will not be shared with other CRL libraries or with any other third parties. For more information see CRL’s Privacy Policy

Member Liaisons

For each CRL member institution, the authority for all matters relating to CRL governance, including policymaking and budget, is entrusted to the library director. However, CRL library directors may designate a CRL “liaison” who can serve as the main communication contact for matters including renewing CRL membership. The designated liaison is recorded in the CIS database and identified on the CRL member list.