PAPR Database

The Print Archives and Preservation Registry (PAPR) system is designed to support archiving and management of serials collections by providing comprehensive information about titles, holdings, and the terms and conditions of archiving of the major print archiving and shared print programs. The PAPR database is available online at  

PAPR includes

PAPR uses current disclosure standards developed by the community, and validates data before loading it into the database to provide users with the most accurate information.  All submitters to PAPR receive data validation reports indicating items needing review before loading into PAPR.  For more information about the data standards, cataloging principles and data validation CRL performs, please see CRL's:

PAPR augments other CRL services and activities that support the strategic management and development of collections at the local and regional level. The California Digital Library (CDL)  served as the development partner for PAPR until 2016.  The usefulness of the PAPR database depends upon input and participation from a wide variety of libraries. To contribute to PAPR or offer comments and suggestions about PAPR, please contact Amy Wood, CRL Head of Technical Services at awood at crl(dot)edu.

Mellon Foundation Supports CRL/OCLC Shared Print Data Infrastructure

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has announced a two-year grant supporting the collaboration between OCLC and CRL on a Shared Print Data Infrastructure project. The Shared Infrastructure for Shared Print Collections project is scheduled to run from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020.