More than 200 college, university, and independent research libraries in the U.S., Canada, India, Germany and Hong Kong are members of the Center for Research Libraries. CRL leverages the collective resources, knowledge and expertise of this community of libraries to identify, acquire, and provide access to critical evidence and documentation for advanced research and teaching.  Students, faculty and researchers at member institutions benefit from CRL collections and services.

Find out how to join CRL and enjoy the following returns on investment.

CRL Membership Benefits

Access to vast collections and electronic resources: 

  • Unlimited access to a collection of approximately five million items, including the largest circulating collection of newspapers in North America; more than 38,000 foreign journals and 800,000 foreign dissertations; major microfilm and paper collections from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia; and more.
  • Extended Interlibrary Loan:  Long runs of CRL materials are loaned for entire academic cycles and the duration of advanced research projects, with third-day delivery on the vast majority of interlibrary loans.
  • Digital Delivery: Over six million pages of CRL collection materials have been digitized and posted to the Web to fulfill requests from researchers and scholars. 
  • No-cost document delivery, through RapidILL, of articles from the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology's extensive collection of serials.
  • Online access to the LLMC Digital database of over 60 million pages and 100,000 volumes of primary legal publications, and to ccAdvisor, an online platform with hundreds of reviews of electronic databases (published as a collaboration between Choice and the Charleston Company).
  • Demand purchases: CRL acquires three types of materials at no charge on request for researchers at CRL libraries: foreign dissertations, newspapers, and archival materials.

Participation in informed and cost-effective cooperative collection development and licensing:

Contribution to real and enduring societal good: 

  • CRL is a community of libraries committed to ensuring the survival, integrity and accessibility of critical and unique documentation of  the world's peoples, societies, and events.