Membership Renewal

Members must renew their CRL membership before  January 1 annually for the upcoming membership year (July 1 through June 30).  This notification allows CRL time to plan and budget activities for the upcoming year. 

Renewal: A membership renewal letter is sent to member institutions each November.  The renewal process requires that members supply their annual library material expenditures figure for the most recently completed year, since member cost shares are based on a “rolling” five-year average of library expenditures. CRL defines annual library materials expenditures are defined as “aggregate expenditures for acquisitions and binding (books, periodicals, microforms, and all other library materials including electronic media, regardless of source of funding) for all the library units [branches] included in the CRL membership and eligible for service by CRL.”

Automatic Renewals:  The memberships of libraries that have made a multi-year commitment to CRL renew automatically for the duration of the commitment period. All other institutions' memberships automatically renew unless written notification of non-renewal is received by CRL before January 1.  (The automatic renewal provision is documented in the CRL membership application letter and in CRL bylaws.)

Discontinuing Membership: Institutions that choose to discontinue their membership for the upcoming membership year (July 1 through June 30) must notify CRL of their decision before January 1.  

Should an institution notify CRL of its intent to discontinue membership, their membership remains in effect through June 30th of that fiscal year. Research and teaching faculty, students, librarians, and other users continue to enjoy unlimited access to CRL collections, programs, services, and other opportunities during that period.