Contributing Serials to the Linda Hall Library

The Linda Hall Library (LHL) is a privately funded, independent research library located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is devoted to the study of the history of science, technology and engineering. In 2012 CRL and the Linda Hall Library formed a partnership to preserve the important literature of the physical sciences, engineering, technology and related fields.  A primary focus of the CRL/LHL partnership is collection development. CRL and Linda Hall have committed to identify, select, manage and preserve collections that support the partnership. This commitment ensures scientific knowledge resources will be available to future generations, through joint guardianship of the collective intellectual heritage in the science, technology, and engineering disciplines.

Building and maintaining print collections is a primary institutional focus of the Linda Hall Library. While actively converting many paper documents to digital, the Library’s policy is to maintain the originals in a secure, climate-controlled environment.  These materials do not circulate but are made available for consultation on site at the Library. A detailed collections assessment by the University of Arizona’s Stephen Bosch found that the combined serial and monographic holdings of Center for Research Libraries (CRL) and Linda Hall compared favorably with the combined titles held by the twenty largest ARL libraries and with the combined titles held by the libraries from universities representing the top ten Science, Technology, and Engineering programs in the US.

To continue building the Linda Hall's collections CRL encourages libraries who are divesting of historical research collections in the fields of science, technology, and engineering to consider donating to Linda Hall Library. For more information, please consult Linda Hall's donations webpage