Supporting Discovery of CRL Resources

Discovery of CRL's deep and diverse collections is a key to student and faculty success. Although CRL makes 1.4 million records available through its catalog, in OCLC’s Worldcat, through all of the major discovery layers, and as files to load in your local catalog, getting the records in front of patrons can still be a challenge. CRL offers opportunities and strategies to maximize resource exposure for your patrons.

Record Loading

Obtain CRL’s records at no cost, on a quarterly schedule. You can load all of the records, just the records for digitized material, or a subset such as records for newspapers. For more information or a test file of CRL records please contact Yoseline Pluviose-Louisma in CRL's Technical Services Department.

Z39.50 Connections

CRL provides attributes information to configure your Z39.50 client to access the CRL Catalog. For questions regarding the configuration, please contact Systems at

Web Discovery Systems

CRL records are also available in WorldCat and the major web scale discovery services.  To make CRL records available through a discovery service, libraries must subscribe to the CRL database. To enable a direct link from the web discovery systems, in order to view a CRL eresource or to request CRL physical items via a local ILL form, libraries must also adjust local configurations.