Non-Member Requests


Collections and Services Available

CRL accepts ILL requests from non-member libraries willing to pre-pay our fee of $175.00. Independent researcher's may borrow from CRL through a library with whom they are affiliated. We do not accept IFLA vouchers for these payments.

 Print and Microform Lending

The Center for Research Libraries lends hard copy formats to libraries located in the United States and Canada. CRL does not lend to individuals or entities unaffiliated with a library.

  • CRL defines one loan as
    • a single title of less than :
      • 4 Volumes
      • 4 Microfilm reels
      • 4 Fiche 
  • The Borrowing Library agrees to the following :
    • The safe return of the requested material to CRL after a 30 day loan period.
      • The borrowing library agrees to pay costs if material is damaged or lost. 
    • Pay costs for return of material by UPS or similar service.
    • Return materials in original containers in which they were sent.
      • A fine of $20 will be charged if a container is not included or is replaced. 
    • A borrowing library must return material immediately upon recall.
      • If recalled, no part of the fee will be refunded 

 Digitization of CRL Material

  • CRL will digitize items in our collection of any length when the material is not in copyright.
    • We will make this material publically available on our DDS Platform.
    • Digitization requests must be made by a library.
    • Fees will be calculated based on labor and resources required to complete the project. 
      • Fees must be paid in advance.
  • CRL will copy or digitize an article of up to 50 pages for a library anywhere in the world.
    • We will deliver articles via email, fax or mail.
    • The fee is $175.00 per article.
  • CRL supplies images suitable for research needs, we cannot deliver high resolution images for publication.
  • We will supply the best copy we can get but this is subject to the condition of the material from which we are digitizing.
  • Sale of a reproduction for scholarly research does not grant authorization to publish.
  • It is the researcher's responsibility to determine whether materials are under copyright, to discover who owns the copyright, and to obtain permission to publish.


Sending Requests

  • CRL accepts requests from libraries through OCLC, or email of a completed ALA ILL or IFLA loan form. 
  • Please note how payment will be made. Requests will not be processed until payments are received.
  • All requests are subject to U.S. copyright law. 


Fees and Payment Methods

  • .All ILL requests must be prepaid.
  • Payment may be made by Credit Card, Check, IFM or Money Order
  • Credit Card payment require an additional processing fee.
  • CRL can issue an invoice in advance if requested
  • To make a request via OCLC (IFM) enter a valid IFM code in the MAXCOST field of the ILL request form. Make sure the value of MAXCOST is greater than or equal to the cost of the loan.
    • For Credit Card, contect CRL Access Initiatives to arrange payment at 773-955-4545 ext.321 or email


Processing Time

  • Print and Microfilm are delivered within 3 days to the U.S. and within 7 days to Canada.
  • Digitization of an article averages 1-3 business days for all routine requests.
  • Digitzation requests for single monographs usually take from 5-7 business days. Other requests may take longer.
    • Time to complete depends on the amount of material, material condition and format type.
    • Please check with Access Initiatives staff for an estimate.


Loan Periods and Recall

  • Non-members may borrow materials for 30 days.
  • Loans are subject to recall after two weeks of use.
  • CRL will recall material when it is requested by a member library.
  • CRL does not renew loans to Non-member Libraries.


Institutions Outside of the United States and Canada

CRL does not lend any hard copy material outside the United States and Canada. Articles and digitization of uncopyrighted material is $175.00 per request. An additional processing fee of 3.8% is charged for credit card payments.


Fees for Lost or Damaged Items

For materials lost or damaged during the loan transaction, CRL follows the guidlines outlined in Section 4.9 of the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States.

If an item is lost, or damaged the borrowing library will be billed for the cost of replacement plus a processing fee of $50.

If no replacement for the material is available a minimum payment of $300 is required. Credit card payments will require an additional processing fee of 3.8%


Shipping Materials for Loan

  • Outbound loands are shipped via United Parcel Service (UPS) 2-Day Delivery to requesting libraries in the United States and Canada.
    • Costs to ship are included in the transaction fee.
    • If additional shipping costs are required for a loan, the borrowing library will be informed of the necessary additional charges before their credit card is charged. Any additional charges must be prepaid. 
  • The borrowing library is responsible for return shipping costs.
    • CRL requires that borrowed material be returned via UPS, Fed Ex or DHL (or similar service) with 
    • Package Tracking is required
    • Insurance shoudl be paid for the amount specified on the accompanying ILL form.


    Non-Members & the CRL Reading Room

    • Individual Researchers and those affiliated with non-member libraries may make an appointment to use our Reading Room in Chicago.
    • Appointments  to use the Reading Room must made at least 3 days before a visit.
    • Materials are paged prior to the date of the appointment. 
    • Under no circumstances may visitors browse our stacks.
    • Please see our Reading Room page for more information or call Access Initiatives at 773-955-4545 ext. 288.