CRL's Global Resources Partnership for News takes a different approach than that of the other major domains. Access to news in its many forms requires coordination and participation of a variety of stakeholders. As one of the foremost news collections in North America and the world, CRL works with its member institutions to systematically identify critical collections; establish consensus on preservation, archiving, and digitization needs; and negotiate licenses and partnerships to obtain access to materials available electronically.

World Newspaper Archive

CRL pursues systematic digitization of historic global newspapers in partnership with Readex. The World Newspaper Archive is a community-driven effort to provide persistent electronic access to newspapers from the holdings of CRL and other major newspaper repositories.

Licensing and acquisition of electronic news resources

CRL aligns the interests and collective influence of its membership to obtain favorable terms of access to historical (digitized) and current (born-digital) news sources. CRL pursues relationships with media organizations (such as the New York Times), commercial providers, and academic partners to ensure the persistence and accessibility of these resources.

International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON)

CRL's partnership with the major news repositories around the world focuses on preservation and improved access to historic news collections. Today, ICON places increasing emphasis on assessment of sustainable digital news repositories, and the ICON Database of newspapers stands as one of the most comprehensive sources for information on digitized newspapers in trustworthy repositories to assist libraries in making informed collection decisions.

Print retention and preservation

CRL continues to support the identification and acquisition of rare print news resources. CRL negotiates deposits from its members, on a case-by-case basis, to support retention needs. CRL augments its collection of print news material with holdings for which microfilm or digital surrogates are not available. CRL is considering strategic solutions for the mass reformatting of these endangered collections to support widespread access. CRL also continues to preserve key global newspapers on microfilm for libraries' ongoing collection needs.