Lending to CRL Voting Member Libraries

Thank you so much! You provided me with access to a valuable book that is extremely hard to obtain, and I doubt I could find it in any other U.S. library.

As a graduate student this service provides access to primary sources that would otherwise be unavailable without extensive travel and expense.

The material has been absolutely essential to my research. I couldn't have completed this article without it.

Amazing! And so quick. Thanks.

Scholars receiving digital delivery of materials from CRL's rich and diverse collections.


Collections and Services Available

 CRL loans to all patrons at branch libraries included in an institution’s membership. Turnaround time averages one business day for routine requests. Recalls, searches, and demand purchases require more time.


CRL loans from its extensive collection of doctoral dissertations from institutions outside North America either as hard copy or digital delivery. CRL acquires dissertations through exchange agreements with nearly 100 universities, as well as individual titles on request. Current dissertations, including those distributed by EThOS in the UK, may be acquired in electronic format and require a signed copyright declaration.

Linda Hall Library

Through a partnership, CRL libraries have access to articles from current and back issues of over 50,000 titles in the combined science, technology, and engineering (STE) print serials from CRL and Linda Hall Library. There is no cost to CRL libraries for use of this service through the RapidILL service (requests sent directly to Linda Hall Library will be charged the regular ILL fee).

Loan period

The generous loan period for CRL libraries is six months with unlimited renewals. However, all material may be recalled after two weeks of use if requested by a patron from another member library. The borrower is obligated to return material immediately upon recall.

Digital Delivery

Loan requests are filled by digital processing if the materials can be scanned within five business days (for instance requests for a single volume or reel of microfilm).  CRL provides a URL for the completed PDF document with searchable text, linked from the CRL catalog record and WorldCat. See also digitization services for more information.

Fragile items are generally delivered digitally rather than in hard copy.  If the fragile material encompasses more than a few volumes, CRL will notify the requesting institution that digitization may take longer than five days.

Purchasing on Demand

CRL acquires items in response to loan requests for materials not held, through the Demand Purchase Program. Member ILL offices initiate requests for demand purchases by indicating in the borrowing note field on the ILL request form: “Please purchase if not owned.” As funds permit, CRL will acquire archival materials, newspapers, or foreign doctoral dissertations at a maximum cost of $2,000 per patron per year. CRL may decline to purchase materials which are readily available from one or more member libraries.

Submitting Requests

All material held by CRL is eligible for loan or digital delivery. Voting member libraries can make unlimited number of requests, request any amount of material to be sent, and allow their patrons to use CRL materials for as long as necessary.

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Using Materials at CRL

Students, faculty, and other researchers may use materials in the CRL Reading Room. Please contact the Access Services Department at least three business days in advance of the patron’s visit to ensure that needed materials and space are available.

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Accessing Linda Hall Library Materials

CRL libraries can now access the combined 50,000 CRL and Linda Hall print serials in science, technology, and engineering, electronically or by traditional document delivery.

Pre-1950 monographs from Linda Hall’s open collection can also be digitized by requesting through OCLC.