TRAIL Steering Committee

Current members of the TRAIL Steering Committee:

Mel DeSart, Chair 2019-2021
Head, Engineering Library
University of Washington

Lisa Nickum, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect 2019-2021 / Treasurer 2018-2020
Metadata Technologies Librarian
Colorado School of Mines

Judy Alspach, ex officio member from Center for Research Libraries
Area Studies Program Manager
Center for Research Libraries

Teresa Hazen, Processing Working Group Coordinator 2018-2020
Head, Delivery, Description, & Acquisitions Department
University of Arizona

Chelsea Leachman, Secretary 2018-2020
Science and Engineering Librarian
Washington State University

John Napp, Communications Working Group Coordinator 2019-2021
Engineering Librarian
University of Toledo

Judy Pasek, Metrics Working Group Coordinator 2018-2020
STEM Liaison Librarian
University of Wyoming

George Porter, Immediate Past Chair 2019-2021
Engineering Librarian
California Institute of Technology

Tom Rohrig, Membership Working Group Coordinator 2019-2021
Government Information Librarian
Texas Tech University

Laura Sare, Appointed At-Large Member 2019-2021
Government Information Librarian
Texas A&M University

Sinai Wood, Collections Working Group Coordinator 2019-2021
Government Documents Librarian
Baylor University

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