The Global Resources Human Rights Archives and Documentation Program (HRADP) supports the gathering, preservation, and appropriate accessibility of archives and documentation regarding violations of human rights and legal proceedings in all world regions. Such documentation may include:

  • the records of official tribunals, courts, truth commissions, and investigations of human rights violations
  • records of nongovernmental organizations devoted to preventing, monitoring, and documenting human rights violations, including reports and documentation generated by such organizations for advocacy and awareness
  • evidence and documentation collected by those official and nongovernmental organizations, and
  • documentation and evidence of human rights violations gathered by others. 


The activities of the project are to:

  1. facilitate efforts by CRL/GRN institutions to identify, preserve, and provide access to human rights-related archives and documentation, by collecting and sharing information about the nature and status of at-risk materials, and providing other technical, communications, and financial support for preserving and maintaining those materials. 
  2. support efforts by NGOs and local and regional archiving organizations to identify, gather, protect, and maintain human rights-related documentation and evidence, by helping them strengthen their technical, legal, and operational capabilities.
  3. promote the placement of human rights-related archives and documentation in appropriate repositories well-positioned to serve the interests of the victims and affected communities, national and international legal regimes, and historians and researchers. 

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