The Southeast Asia Materials Project (SEAM) provides member institutions with enhanced coverage of research materials related to the study of Southeast Asia. SEAM preserves and maintains digital and microform collections of such research materials and makes them readily available to SEAM members. From an initial focus on cost-effective sharing of resources in microformat, SEAM has become, with cooperating institutions and foundations, a major sponsor of efforts to preserve and provide access to rare or unique resources from Southeast Asia.

SEAM is made possible through the support of the Center for Research Libraries, which serves as its administrative, fiscal, and legal agent.

Founded in 1970, SEAM received significant grant funding in the its early years to pursue the microfilming of scarce or endangered materials in Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Southeast Asian countries. SEAM holdings include more than 300 historic newspapers from every country in the region, in national, minority, and English or other colonial languages, similar numbers of historic journals and government serials and thousands of historic manuscripts.

Some SEAM microfilm is available for purchase. For more information, see Microform Sales.

Meeting Minutes and other information related to the ongoing work of SEAM may be found in the SEAM Workspace. The SEAM Workspace is a wiki that members can access to review, edit, or add content. It is open only to SEAM members.

For questions or information about SEAM, contact Marlies Bauhofer.

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Pos Maluku

SEAM Microfilms Pos Maluku

The Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM) has preserved issues from 1991 to 1994 of the Indonesian newspaper Pos Maluku. This title is published in the city of Ambon, in the Maluku province of Eastern Indonesia. In the early 2000s, Maluku experienced armed conflict between Muslims and Christians.