Papers & Presentations

June 2021: Jen Kirk, Mel DeSart, Laura Sare, and Sinai Wood, The Format That Time Forgot! The Return of the Microcards <Insert Scream Here> poster (link). ALA Annual Conference 2021 ACRL-STS Poster Sessions Online. June 21, 2021.

October 2020:  Daureen Nesdill, Zachary W. Painter, and Isabel M. Altamirano, Best Practices for Collaborating with Colleagues, Industry, and Information Seekers:  The TRAIL Story (link).  Special Library Association 2020 Annual Conference (Virtual). October 14, 2020.

August 2020:  Tom Rohrig and Laura Sare.  Accessing and Preserving Texas Information in TRAIL (link).  Cross Timbers Library Collaborative 2020 conference.  August 7, 2020.

April 2020: Tom Rohrig and Laura Sare.  TRAIL - Digitizing and Cataloging Technical Data for Permanent Access poster (link).  Coalition for Advancing Digital Research and Education (CADRE) conference.  April 16, 2020.

March 2020:  Mel DeSart and Sinai Wood.  TRAIL: How A Grassroots Digitization Effort Became The Hathitrust’s 24th Largest Content Contributor (link).  HathiTrust "Mapping the Elephant" Member Webcast Series. Webinar (30 minutes). March 10, 2020. 

August 2019:  Judith Pasek.  TRAIL:  Access to Grey Literature. (link) Lightning Talk at Force11 Scholarly Communication Institute at UCLA.

May 2019:  Mel DeSart. Welcome to TRAIL (link) presentation at Colorado Government Publications Interest Group Meeting.

January 2019:  Laura Sare. HathiTrust’s Copyright Review of US State and Local Government Documents and The Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL).  Video recording: link  Webinar (30 minutes). January 18 2019.  Digital Library Federation (DLF) Government Records Transparency and Accountability Interest Group.

July 2017:  Craig Rosenbeck Approaches Developed to Ensure Accuracy and Consistency of Metadata for TRAIL Reports (link) poster at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries.

July 2017:  Isabel Altamirano TRAIL Documents - Evaluate Scientific Works. (link) Presentation at the STEM Librarians South Conference.

July 2017:  Daureen Nesdill TRAIL Update. (link) Utah Academic Library Consortium Retreat

October 2016:  Scott Curtis Office of Saline Waters Progress Reports Digitized and Available through TRAIL (link)

October 2016: Laura Sare and Sinai Wood Providing Open Access to Government Information Federal Technical Reports (TRAIL) Presentation at the Federal Depository Library Conference. Audio recording: and Slides:

October 2016: Altamirano, Isabel. (2016, October 13). TRAIL - The Road to Search for Technical Documents (link).

Summer 2016:  Daureen Nesdill, Laura Sare, Alice Trussell, Marilyn Von Seggern, Ten Years of TRAIL. (link) DttP: Documents to the People. 44:2 (Summer 2016).

June 2016:  Ted Baldwin, Daureen Nesdill, TRAIL:  A Labor of LOVE Expanding Open Access to Government Information. (link) Poster presented at Special Libraries Association 2016 conference, June 12, 2016, Philadelphia, PA.
Won Best Poster.

February 2016:  Maliaca Oxnam and Dan Barkley TRAIL at 10. (link)  Presentation at GWLA Membership Meeting.

July 2014:  Lee Fulton and Ashley Montez, Tracking on the TRAIL: Digitizing the Technical Report Archive and Image Library, Considerations in the Digital Workflow. (link) Presented at the Cross Timbers Library Collaborative (CTLC) Conference, July 25, 2014, Dallas, TX.

June 2014:  Mel DeSart, TRAIL Information Session. (link) Presented at the Special Libraries Association Annual Conference, June 8, 2014, Vancouver, BC

June 2013:  Mel DeSart, Introduction to TRAIL. (link) Presented at the ASCLA Cooperative Digitization Group meeting, American Library Association Annual Conference, June 29, 2013, Chicago, IL.

March 2013:  Maliaca Oxnam, Data revival:  Old data becoming new. (linkResearch Data Management:  Library Connect Newsletter.  11:1 (2013).

November 2012:  Maliaca Oxnam, Moving Technical Reports Forward:  New Roles for Libraries & Librarians, (link) Charleston Conference, November 8, 2012, Charleston, SC.

July 2012:  Daureen Nesdill, How the Agility of Librarians Led to the Development of TRAIL (link).  Contributed Paper presented at the 2012 Special Libraries Association Annual Conference, July 14-19, 2012, Chicago, IL.

June 2012:  Mel DeSart, Trailer for TRAIL Slides (link) | Presentation Text (link)  Lightning talk presented at the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition, Jun 11, 2012, San Antonio, TX.

January 2012:  Patricia Kirkwood, Along the TRAIL of Federal Technical Reports:  A Cooperative Digitization Effort, in Digital Directions in Transportation Information Management, Transportation Research Board, Annual Conference, January 23, 2012, Washington, DC.

March 2011:  Mel DeSart, Blazing a TRAIL:  Digitizing and Preserving Legacy U.S. Government Technical Reports. (link) Presented at the Depository Libraries Council meeting, March 30, 2011, San Antonio, TX.

January 2011:  Mel DeSart, Blazing a TRAIL:  Digitizing and Preserving Legacy U.S. Government Technical Reports. (link) Presented at the Atmospheric Sciences Librarians International Conference, January 27, 2011, Seattle, WA.

Fall 2010:  Esther Crawford and Sinai Wood, The Impact of Historical Federal Technical Reports. (linkGovernment Technical Reports:  CRL Focus on Global Resources.  10:1 (Fall 2010).

Fall 2010:  Maliaca Oxnam, Capturing America's Scientific History through Technical Report Literature. (linkGovernment Technical Reports:  CRL Focus on Global Resources.  10:1 (Fall 2010).

June 2010: Mel DeSart and Sinai Wood, Blazing a TRAIL:  Digitizing and Preserving Legacy U.S. Government Technical Reports. (link)  Poster presented at ALA Annual Conference, June 28, 2010, Washington, DC.

June 2010:  Maliaca Oxnam, Following the TRAIL:  An Update on the Technical Reports Arcive & Image Library. (link) Lightning Round Presentation at American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference, June 2010, Louisville, KY.

April 2010:  Maliaca Oxnam, Collaboration and the Power of Partnership in Science-Engineering Libraries. (link) Journal of Library Administration. 50:3/4 (April 2010).

December 2009:  Maliaca Oxnam, A Multi-Institutional Approach to Technical Report Literature:  Development of the Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL). (link) Article Abstract. (link) GL11, December 14, 2009, Washington, DC.

August 2009:  Daureen Nesdill and Patricia Kirkwood, On the TRAIL of Technical Reports.  Presented at the 236th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, August 17-21, 2009, Philadelphia, PA.

June 2009:  Patricia Kirkwood, Michael Culbertson, and Esther Crawford, Rounding Up the Collection:  the Story of TRAIL Digital Content Collection, (link) Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education Annuall Conference, June 2009, Austin, TX.

March 2009: Sinai Wood, Maliaca Oxnam, and Mel DeSart, Blazing a TRAIL:  A Shared Vision and Collaboration Lead to Digitization, Open Access, and Preservation of U.S. Government Technical Reports. (link) Poster presented at the ACRL 14th National Conference, March 12–15, 2009, Seattle, WA.

January 2009:  Malaica Oxnam, The Technical Report Archive & Image Library:  Managing Digital Materials.  (link) Presented at 12th Annual Atmospheric Science Librarians International Symposium (part of American Meteorological Society Annual Conference), January 14, 2009, Phoenix, AZ.

December 2008:  Maliaca Oxnam, The Technical Report Archive & Image Library:  Creating Collaborative Collections. (link) Presented at Purdue University Library Collaborative Collection Development Symposium, December 5, 2008, West Lafayette, IN.

April 2008: Maliaca Oxnam, Marie Waltz, and Joni Blake Following the TRAIL: Gift-Cultures and Collaborative Efforts for the Library Community. (link)  Presented at Living the Future 7 Conference, April 30–May 3, 2008, Tucson, AZ .

June 2007: Daureen Nesdill and Patricia Kirkwood, A New Way to Retrieve Old Critical Information: TRAIL Technical Report Archive and Image Library. Poster presented at the 2007 Special Library Association Annual Conference and EXPO, June 2–6, 2007, Denver, CO.

June 2007: Alice Trussell, Open Access to Legacy Federal Technical Report Literature. (link) Presented at 2007 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, June 24–27, 2007, Honolulu, HI.


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