Digital Delivery

"The copy is fantastic, and the usually horrible nineteenth-century Russian print is in clear, crisp condition."

"It is so much easier to search a PDF than microfilm."

"This is a wonderful service! I didn't know about this. How very convenient!"

Recipients of CRL's digital delivery services


CRL fills borrowing requests from member libraries whenever copyright allows. We will digitize most individual titles, volumes, or microform reels within five working days. Longer runs will take a longer period of time to complete. We also scan items that are too rare or fragile to lend. Scans may be accessed or downloaded in PDF format through CRL's digital delivery platform. Scans are searchable whenever the source material supports OCR processing; some images may be too muddy or unclear for OCR. CRL will digitize longer runs with advance notice to meet research or instruction needs. All digitized items are retained on our digtial delvery platform for future consultation by the CRL scholarly community. Some digitized material is available open access, while some is avaiable only to members.

Digitization is a convenience to researchers, but is also used to prevent damage or loss of unique and/or fragile materials in the shared CRL collections. CRL avoids digitizing materials that are otherwise freely accessible in digital format from sources like Google Books, the Internet Archive, and the HathiTrust Digital Library.