Current GNARP Projects

GNARP has made important contributions to the projects listed below:


GNARP-WESS Inventory of Digital Projects

The links within this resource are arranged by broad subject categories, based on those used by WEBIS Sammelschwerpunkte (areas of collection emphasis) as well as by format, genre, or multidisciplinary categories. This inventory is a gated wiki and members are encouraged to add new links as new digital projects are developed and become known.


Translating the Thesaurus of the Pictorial Archive
of the German Colonial Society

The Bildarchiv der Deutschen Kolonialgesellschaft, hosted by the University of Frankfurt Library, is an online, fully searchable archive of 50,000 nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photographs once owned by the German Colonial Society. In October 2003, GNARP received a request from colleagues in Frankfurt to help make the site searchable in English. Helene Baumann of Duke University, then the GNARP contact partner for African Studies, volunteered to lead the effort. With a Coutts Nijhoff grant from the Western European Studies Section (WESS) of ACRL, Baumann has launched a project with Frankfurt Africanists that aspired to establish global searches of historical archives of African colonial photographs in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States.

Cataloging Resources

AACR2 German Translation 

The Bibliographic Control working group engaged in a cooperative international undertaking to translate the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) into German. Roger Brisson, then-Coordinator of the German Resources Project; Heidi Hutchinson, librarian at the University of California–Riverside; and Monika Münich of the University of Heidelberg Library coordinated the effort. The translation project was completed in 2002 and published by Saur Verlag: Anglo-Amerikanische Katalogisierungsregeln (ISBN: 3-598-11432-X). For more information about the book click on the link above or search for Anglo-Amerikanische Katalogisierungsregeln on the publisher’s website:

MARC/AACR2 Cataloging for the Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur

In 2002, GNARP converted 15,161 MARC records for the large microform set Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur from the RAK German cataloging standard to AACR2. This collection contains microform reproductions of important German first editions in the humanities and social sciences, published by K. G. Saur. The collection is held by approximately 35 U.S. and Canadian libraries. The conversion added 1,248 new names to the OCLC authority file, provided provenance information for the print originals, and replaced all German meta-language with correct English-language equivalents. In addition, these records are available as a WorldCat set from OCLC or through the German National Library at a substantial discount (though lacking local customization) at MARC records for Supplement 2 to the Bibliothek der deutschen Literatur were completed in the summer of 2006 and contain 1579 MARC21 records. Forthcoming projects include conversion projects for the World Biographical Information System and Große Künstlerlexika vom 16. bis zum frühen 19. Jahrhundert.

Through its Collection Development Working Group, GNARP facilitates licensing of specialized electronic resources.