The German-North American Resources Partnership (GNARP) is one of the working projects of the Global Resources Network. Originally known as the German Demonstration Project, it was renamed German Resources Project in 1998 to reflect its establishment as a long-term project focusing on improving the effective acquisition, sharing, and use of German-language materials among North American libraries and also the fostering of closer collaboration with German research libraries. In 2002 it adopted its current name to emphasize the goal of transatlantic collaboration.  Currently there are 48 member libraries in North America and six German members.

GNARP is coordinated by a Steering Committee and governed by Bylaws.  The Steering Committee and working groups normally meet each year at ALA Annual and they usually hold a virtual meeting just after ALA Midwinter.  Under the Bylaws, the number of working groups and areas of activity are flexible. 

SEEMP Preserves WWII Cossack Newspapers

The Slavic and East European Microform Project has microfilmed several newspapers published during World War II for Russian Cossack soldiers that fought on the side of Nazi Germany.