GNARP Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is empowered to conduct the business of GNARP in accordance with the recommendations of the membership; approve and enact project activities; discuss and recommend future policy or changes in policy to be adopted by the membership; make budgetary decisions for GNARP; approach funding agencies; conduct periodic membership drives; and maintain communication with scholarly and professional associations as well as with other, similar cooperative projects.

Current Members of the GNARP Steering Committee

Chair (2020–22): Heidi Madden, Duke University

Vice-Chair (2020–22): Hélène Huet, University of Florida

Secretary (2020-22):  Joanneke Elliott, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Working Group Chairs
Collection Development Working Group: Jeremy Ott, University of California, Berkeley (2020–22)
Engagement and Outreach Working Group: Kathleen Smith, Stanford University  (2021–23)

Ex-Officio Steering Committee Members
David B. Morris, Library of Congress
Jes Neal, Center for Research Libraries

Michael Printy, Yale University (2020-2022)

Minutes of the GNARP Steering Committee Meetings and other information related to the Steering Committee’s work can be found in the GNARP Steering Committee Workspace