How to Join GNARP

The Global Resources Network, based at the Center for Research Libraries in Chicago, welcomes the active participation of North American and German libraries wishing to further the goals of the German-North American Resources Partnership (GNARP).

CRL asks that a library formally join the Project if one or more of its staff are interested in participating in GNARP activities and in furthering its goals. The level of involvement depends on the degree to which individual institutions wish to devote staff resources to furthering the goals of the Project. As with any collaborative endeavor, GNARP’s success depends on institutional commitment and active participation.

Institutions wishing to become involved in the German-North American Resources Partnership should fill out the Participant Agreement for Institutions. As of FY19, Institutional Members of GNARP in North America pay an annual membership fee. The fee is U.S. $250 for institutions that are CRL members; the fee is U.S. $350 per year for institutions that are not CRL members.

Individuals who work at institutions that are not institutional members may join GNARP by filling out the Individual Participant Agreement. There is no membership fee for Individual Members of GNARP.

To learn more about GNARP, please contact Marlies Bauhofer, Collections Services Librarian at the Center for Research Libraries.

SEEMP Preserves WWII Cossack Newspapers

The Slavic and East European Microform Project has microfilmed several newspapers published during World War II for Russian Cossack soldiers that fought on the side of Nazi Germany.