2017 Council of Voting Members Meeting

Event Logistics

Friday, April 21, 2017
10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon Central Time
CRL Events - events@crl.edu

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In accordance with its Bylaws, CRL holds an annual business meeting of its Council of Voting Members, "for the transaction of such business as may come before the meeting.” This is the main annual CRL governance event, at which representatives of all CRL voting member libraries review new and ongoing CRL initiatives, elect new Board members, and vote on the annual budget for the coming fiscal year.

Chair’s Report

Scott Waugh, Chair, CRL Board of Directors, and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of California, Los Angeles

FY 2016 Annual Report

Secretary’s Report

Thomas G. Burish, Secretary, CRL Board of Directors, and Provost of the University of Notre Dame  

Council Minutes 2016 (Draft)

President’s Report:


Bernard Reilly, President, Center for Research Libraries  

The 2017 President's Report will focus on the future of the shared CRL collections. Participants will consider recommendations by CRL's Board and management for new measures and new investment in shared collections and related digital services, in accordance with CRL's Agenda for Shared Print, 2017 - 2026. This year attendees will consider:  

  • the scope and long-term goals of the shared collections
  • further development of the CRL JSTOR archive
  • future of the Linda Hall Library and Global Resources Law partnerships
  • achieving a "CRL consensus" on appropriate levels of due diligence on local and shared print serial holdings. 

Treasurer’s Report and Proposed Budget for FY2018

Xuemao Wang, Treasurer, CRL Board of Directors, and Dean and University Librarian, University of Cincinnati

The CRL treasurer presents the proposed budget for the period July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018, for approval by the CRL member library directors and other designated representatives of CRL libraries.

Proposed CRL Budget for FY18 (CRL Members Only)

Nominating Committee's Report and Election of Board of Directors

Scott Waugh, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, University of California, Los Angeles

CRL member library directors and other designated representatives of CRL libraries elect new members of the CRL Board of Directors. 

Nominating Committee's Report

Primary Source Awards

Martha Hruska, Chair, CRL Collections and Services Policy Committee, and Associate University Librarian for Collection Services, University of California, San Diego

Announcement of recipients.



The meeting will be held as a web event, and will be followed by the online Global Resources Collections Forum at 1:00 p.m. Central Time.