MEMP Related Projects

MEMP is not directly involved in any current related projects, but the two projects listed below involve resources and efforts consistent with MEMP’s mission and goals.

OACIS for the Middle East

OACIS for the Middle East is a project sponsored by Yale University to improve access to Middle Eastern serials in libraries in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Middle East Research Journal

Middle East Research Journal project is sponsored by the Council of American Overseas Research Centers to provide indexing and preservation for a number of journals held in overseas institutions.

November 17, 1964 edition of Le Journal de Teheran

MEMP has microfilmed several years of the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Teheran, published during the reign of the last Shah of Iran. Issues from 1949–56, 1960–62, and 1964–67 are now available for borrowing by CRL members.