MEMP Current Projects


This serial is produced by the Nagam Cultural Project to be a “record of Arab culture and arts.” MEMP has filmed al-Jadid from June to November 1993 and Aljadid from November 1995 to Summer 2002. MEMP will continue to film this title on a continual basis.

Beirut Times

An ethnic newspaper from California, the Beirut Times documents Arab-American communities, with a focus on Los Angeles, and is being filmed by Bay Microfilm, Inc. MEMP owns August 31, 1985–December 31, 2008 and intends to preserve additional issues.


Habzbuz is an illustrated, satirical Arabic-language newspaper published in Baghdad after the 2003 invasion. MEMP has digitized issues from 2003. The newspaper contains a wealth of political cartoons on events and public figures during the U.S. occupation.


Al-Iraq is an Arabic-language newspaper of the Iraqi diaspora community, published in Glendale, California. The issues included in this digitization project are from April 2011 to October 2013.

Iraqi Newspapers

MEMP is microfilming several post-2003 Iraqi newspapers from the collection of the University of California, Berkeley.  al-Dawah is published by the party to which Prime Minister Maliki belongs.  al-Zaman is a major indepedent newspaper in London which covers Iraqi politics.  Al-Fat'h al-Mubin, al-Bayyinah al-Jadidah, and al-Huda represent Shi-ite political views.

MEMP has also received more than 20 newspaper titles from Iraq that were collected by the Library of Congress office in Cairo.  These will be microfilmed in 2014 and 2015.  Titles include:  Al-Istiqamah (Baghdad, Iraq) Dec. 27, 2003 – Oct. 16, 2008,  Al-Manar al-Yawm (Baghdad, Iraq) Mar. 22, 2004 – Apr. 6, 2005, Al-Sa’ah (Baghdad, Iraq) December 27, 2003 – April 8, 2009, and many short runs of other titles.

Journal de Teheran

Journal de Teheran is a general newspaper in French from Iran.  Stanford has contributed its holdings for 1949-1956 and 1960-1967 for MEMP microfilming.

al-Quds al-Arabi (London)

MEMP is filming issues from 1989 to the present of the London title al-Quds al-Arabi, which covers contemporary Middle East issues. Holdings are being provided by Yale University and Exeter University (UK).

Subh-i Iran

MEMP will preserve issues from 1987-2005 of this Persian language daily newspaper published in Los Angeles.  The newspaper contains information on the local Iranian community as well as news from Iran.


This Egyptian journal began publishing in 2011, after the revolution began.  Stanford is providing holdings of al-Tahrir for this MEMP microfilming project.

Turkish Newspapers

MEMP's project microfilmed Turkish newspapers held by CRL, which complements previously filmed material held around the United States. This multiyear commitment has filmed several titles, including  Milliyet, Son Posta, and Vakit.

Yas Turkistan

MEMP microfilm holdings from 1932-1939 provided by Indiana University.  Yas Turkistan was an anti-bolshevik journal in Arabic script published in Berlin by Central Asian immigrants who created the political group struggling for freedom in Central Asia.

November 17, 1964 edition of Le Journal de Teheran

MEMP has microfilmed several years of the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Teheran, published during the reign of the last Shah of Iran. Issues from 1949–56, 1960–62, and 1964–67 are now available for borrowing by CRL members.