MEMP Executive Committee

The MEMP Executive Board consists of both elected and ex-officio members.

Elected members of the Executive Board are: six (6) representatives of member institutions.

Ex-officio members of the Executive Board are: a representative designated by CRL, the Head of the Library of Congress Near East Section or a nominee, and the current President of the Middle East Librarians Association (MELA).

Current Committee

Deborah Schlein & Peter Magierski (Co-chairs) (2023-)

Sohaib Baig, University of California, Los Angeles

Dale Correa, University of Texas at Austin

Michael Hopper, Harvard University

Deborah Schlein (2023-2026), Princeton University

Peter Magierski (2019-2022), Columbia University

Evyn Kropf (2021-2024), University of Michigan



Ex-officio Members

Heather Hughes (current MELA President), University of Pennsylvania 

Sean Swanick, Duke University

Guy Burak, New York University

Joan S. Weeks, Library of Congress

Anaïs Salamon, McGill 

Rustin Zarkar, UNC-Chapel Hill

Marlies Bauhofer, Center for Research Libraries

November 17, 1964 edition of Le Journal de Teheran

MEMP has microfilmed several years of the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Teheran, published during the reign of the last Shah of Iran. Issues from 1949–56, 1960–62, and 1964–67 are now available for borrowing by CRL members.