About MEMP

MEMP is governed by its members and the MEMP Bylaws can be revised by a vote of the representatives at MEMP member institutions.  The members of MEMP also elect the MEMP Executive Committee, which helps set and enact MEMP's organizational priorities.  MEMP meets once a year, usually in the fall, in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Middle East Librarians Association (MELA).  At these meetings, MEMP considers and votes on funding proposals for new projects and acquisitions.

Educational institutions and nonprofit organizations that maintain a library and whose interests coincide with MEMP are welcome to Join MEMP.

MEMP was founded in 1987 by members of MELA who saw the need for cooperative preservation of research materials from and about the Middle East.  An article about MEMP's History describes the work of MEMP over the years.

November 17, 1964 edition of Le Journal de Teheran

MEMP has microfilmed several years of the French-language newspaper Le Journal de Teheran, published during the reign of the last Shah of Iran. Issues from 1949–56, 1960–62, and 1964–67 are now available for borrowing by CRL members.