Strengthening CRL Global Collections (2023)


Global collections have long been at the core of CRL's mission. CRL is committed to the past, present, and future of international collections and collecting. Today, global collections at CRL constitute a disparate suite of hosted programs, activities, and collections that have evolved organically over decades. In 2023, the CRL community is convening, in consultation with the Educopia Institute, to weave these activities together into a holistic strategy that leverages CRL's unique community, scale, and infrastructure to build community-stewarded global collections in service of research, scholarship, and fostering a postcolonial knowledge commons.

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  • Community Convening (Phase 2)—Forthcoming


CRL will conduct this process, with facilitation from Educopia, from April through November 2023. The following graphic outlines the process and timeline for conducting the four interation phases and the community convenings:



    If you have any questions about this process, please contact CRL Director of Board and Member Relations Felicia Owens at