"CRL and the Postcolonial Knowledge Commons: From Call to Action to Community Practice" - Greg Eow, CRL President

Event Logistics

Friday, April 28, 2023
11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Central
Andrea Duntz - aduntz@crl.edu

In 2020, the CRL Collections and Services Policy Committee (CSPC) conducted a survey of CRL members, which made clear that the CRL community places global collections at the top of their expressed priorities for our consortia. In 2021, CRL’s International Collections and Content Group (ICCG) issued a Call to Action, which reaffirmed our community’s commitment to global collections, programming, and services.

In this open keynote, CRL President Greg Eow will discuss CRL’s commitment to global collections and services in the context of the CSPC survey and the ICCG call to action. Eow will discuss the evolution of CRL’s global collections programs, and highlight the opportunities and challenges these programs face in the emerging scholarly communications landscape. Finally, Eow will outline the process that the CRL community will undertake in 2023 to bring together stakeholders – including library deans, area studies librarians, and CRL staff – into a robust dialogue, the outcome of which will be a community driven recalibration of CRL’s global collections programs so that they can meet the challenges, and leverage the considerable opportunities, the present moment provides.

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