Strengthening CRL Global Collections Community Convening (Phase 1: Discovery)

Event Logistics

Wednesday, May 31, 2023
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm CT
Virtual Meeting
Felicia Owens -

Join CRL on Wednesday, May 31, for the first community-wide convening of CRL’s process to strengthen and reinvest in global collections. This convening will provide an opportunity for the community to debrief on findings from Phase 1 (Discovery). The Educopia project leads Jessica Meyerson and Katherine Kim will facilitate community conversation and share their analysis of data collected through a robust series of focus groups and targeted interviews.  

Based on interviews and focus groups conducted in Phase 1, Educopia Institute will facilitate a community-wide call aimed at the following objectives:

  • Clarify the current scope of current CRL global collections activities;
  • Identify key challenges as well as associated opportunities (e.g., programmatic and administrative) for CRL global collections moving forward;
  • Share emerging visions for change;
  • Elicit community feedback regarding findings from Phase 1; and
  • Describe how these findings will inform Phase 2 (Impact Modeling).

All are welcome attend this community-wide meeting; community participation is critical to the success of this initiative. Please submit any questions you have about the process via this brief Google Form. A portion of the agenda will be dedicated to responding directly to questions. Please be prepared to participate in live polling via Zoom. 

View the event recording here.


For the latest news on this process, see the Strengthening CRL Global Collections (2023) information page.

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