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On April 20-21, CRL held its 73rd Annual Council of Voting Members Meeting. The meeting was noteworthy for being CRL’s first hybrid annual meeting, with a welcome return of (limited) in-person attendance alongside virtual attendees.

CRL is pleased to announce that it is implementing FOLIO as its new library services platform, a direction that is tightly aligned with CRL’s core values of open infrastructure and responsible operations. Further complimenting these enhancements, a new online catalog will go live on June 15, 2022, bringing enhanced discovery experiences to online patrons and researchers.

CRL's Collections and Services Policy Committee is excited to open a call for participation in the newly formed Sustainable Stewardship and Access Working Group. 

On March 23-24 the "Truth, Justice, Memory: Documentary Evidence in the Digital Age" conference will take place at El Colegio de México, where the digital platform Repository of Documentation on Disappearances in Mexico (RDDM) will launch.

Yearly, through the Purchase Proposal Program, CRL members nominate collections for acquisition which are then evaluated and voted on by membership. Once acquired, the materials are available for use by member libraries and their researchers through interlibrary loan. Member participation in the Purchase Proposal Program is one of the ways the CRL community builds a collective collection, providing access to resources that may otherwise be too costly for individual institutions to obtain.

Lanette Garza joins the team as the new NERL Program Manager.

TRAIL (Technical Report Archive & Image Library) has released its Winter 2022 Newsletter, which covers:

The first of its kind, the retroactive open access pilot agreement opens tens of thousands of articles authored by leading researchers at NERL institutions.

Welcoming Community Collections Manager Jes Neal, Open Knowledge Licensing Coordinator Melanie Kowalski, and Collections Assistant Ivanna Moreno

CIFNAL’s Engaging Francophone Partners Working Group announces its spring Speaker Series.

TRAIL Autumn 2021 Newsletter

December 16, 2021

Highlights from TRAIL's activities over the past few months, including an annual meeting follow-up.

Bates College, Davidson College, and the University of California, Riverside all joined CRL in recent months.

“Electronic resource charges are cost-prohibitive, and someone has to go to bat for libraries. Even in the private sector, that was my favorite part of the job: being an advocate.”

The fifth installment of its kind, the collection encompasses over 265,000 digitized pages from 65 publications.

With issues dating back to the mid-1950s, the archive includes more than 440,000 pages from the Spanish-language daily newspaper.

TRAIL metrics working group chair and Utah State University government information librarian Jen Kirk was appointed to the 15-member council this fall.

The "freemium" platform indexes some 2.7 million publications by NGOs, IGOs, think tanks, and policy experts.

TRAIL (Technical Report Archive & Image Library) has released its Summer 2021 Newsletter, which covers:

The organizing committee of The New Shape of Sharing: Networks, Expertise, Information is pleased to share the report generated from this forum, which took place from January to April 2021. The Report details current key issues facing European collections as seen through a series of presentations and a poster session by librarians and members of the book trade from North America and Europe. At a final interactive meeting, attendees discussed practical ways to respond to the ideas and issues raised during the event.

New faces are leading CRL's Collections, Technology, and Partnerships portfolio in 2021.