CRL Issues Updated Audit Report for CLOCKSS

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Center for Research Libraries has issued a new report on the CLOCKSS preservation service, updating the findings of its initial TRAC certification audit performed in 2014.  The updated report is based on information disclosed by CLOCKSS to CRL in fulfillment of conditions of the 2014 certification.

Periodic disclosure of information regarding key changes and developments in repository growth and operations are required as a condition of certification. The disclosures, along with generally accepted best practices in the management of digital systems, were used to update CRL's understanding of repository activities and policies. 

The CLOCKSS' report includes a new, higher rating indicating a growth in both capacity and reliability achieved by the service since CRL's original audit in 2014. An important factor in the new rating is CLOCKSS completion of a viable succession plan. The CLOCKSS succession plan gives CRL's Certification Panel increased confidence in CLOCKSS' ability to preserve their content for the long-term.

The Certification Advisory Panel represents the various sectors of CRL membership, ensuring that the certification process addresses the interests of the entire CRL community. Panelists for the CLOCKSS' audit: Perry Willett (Chair), California Digital Library; Maliaca Oxnam, University of Arizona; Winston Atkins, Duke University; Oya Y. Rieger, ITHAKA S+R and Cornell University; and Pascal Calarco, University of Windsor.

The Center for Research Libraries has certified repositories of interest to the CRL community since 2006. Certification augments CRL's strategic archiving of print and supports the responsible transition by CRL libraries to electronic-only formats where appropriate.

Link to the report.