Open Access Monographs Project

LARRP has initiated a partnership with CLACSO (Latin American Council on Social Sciences), JSTOR, and Libreria Garcia Cambeiro to make a portion of CLACSO's monographs freely available online through the JSTOR platform. This model has the potential to greatly expand access to knowledge produced in the Global South and make that information available to users around the world. The lack of widespread commercial access to Latin American monographs on academic ebook platforms prompted LARRP members to identify a creative way to support Latin American scholarly monographic publishing. This initiative's pilot program has introduced a sustainable, library-supported Open Access model for Latin American monographs and contains two hundred monographs.

After a 2015 endorsement by LARRP, the pilot was funded by eight LARRP member libraries: New York University, Columbia University, the New York Public Library, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Pittsburgh, and Duke University.

Mediated by LARRP leadership, this unique partnership brought together a publisher, a platform, and a bookseller:

  • The publisher, CLACSO (Latin American Council on Social Sciences), promotes research and training in social sciences in Latin America and actively promotes open access. As part of their work, they publish approximately 300 titles per year. The sustainability of their publishing program faces funding challenges and could benefit from predictable library support for the frontlist. 
  • JSTOR is a platform used in more than 170 countries around the world, and provides content and the tools that enables scholars and students to discover and use a growing list of more than 70,000 scholarly books in addition to their well-known journal archive. JSTOR hosts the DRM-free OA books and preserves them through Portico.
  • Librería García Cambeiro is an Argentina-based bookseller that provides Argentine and Brazilian publications to U.S. and European academic libraries. García Cambeiro facilitated the communication with CLACSO representatives and handled the copyright clearance, bookfiles and metadata for publishing. In addition, García Cambeiro delivered MARC core bibliographic records for the record load in partner library catalogs.

Institutions interested in learning more about this project can contact:

Angela Carreño 
Chair, LARRP Advisory Committee 
Interim Curator for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, New York University 

Melissa Gasparotto 
LARRP Resource Discovery Working Group Chair
AD, Research Services and Institutional Partnerships, The New York Public Library  

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