The Latin Americanist Research Resources Project is a cooperative initiative that seeks to increase free and open access to information in support of learning and scholarship in Latin American studies.  Launched in 1994 as one of three pilot projects recommended by the Task Force on the Acquisition and Distribution of Foreign Language and Area Studies Materials of AAU’s Research Libraries Project, the Participating Libraries are composed of U. S. and Canadian research libraries, as well as a growing number of Latin American institutions.

Goals of LARRP

  • To provide access to information that supports all forms of scholarship
  • To promote free and equitable access to these resources for the global scholarly community
  • To actively seek partnerships with institutions that contribute to the flow of information


The Latin Americanist Research Resources Project is funded by the participating institutions and by the support of other organizations. Participating institutions contribute an annual membership fee of $900 and provide institutional support to acquire and maintain the collections and services initiated by the project. 

Featured Project: Latin American Open Archives Portal

The Latin American Open Archives Portal, part of the Latin Americanist Research Resources Project, aims to improve access to social sciences grey literature produced in Latin America.