LARRP Advisory Committee

The LARRP Advisory Committee identifies possibilities, priorities, and desired outcomes for LARRP, as well as funding options and opportunities for strategic alliances. The committee, which includes faculty members, a library director, and librarians, helps ensure that scholars’ requirements and concerns remain in the forefront of the LARRP initiative. The Advisory Committee also provides project oversight.

Members of the LARRP Advisory Committee:

Melissa Guy, LARRP Chair 2017-2020
University of Texas at Austin

Judy Alspach, Ex officio member from the Center for Research Libraries
Center for Research Libraries

Angela Carreño, Resource Discovery Working Group Chair 2017-2020
New York University

Juan Cobo, Faculty Representative 2019-2022
University of California, Santa Barbara

Ryan Lynch, Communication and Outreach Working Group Chair 2017-2020
University of Texas at Austin

Jennifer Osorio, At-large member 2018-2020
University of California, Los Angeles

Suzanne Schadl, Ex officio member from the Library of Congress

Lynn Shirey, Digital Initiatives Working Group Chair 2017-2020
Harvard University

Sócrates Silva, Collection and Analysis Working Group Chair 2017-2020
Columbia University and Cornell University

Seonaid Valiant, At-large member 2018-2020
Arizona State University

LARRP Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes and other information related to the ongoing work of the Advisory Committee may be found in the LARRP Advisory Committee WorkspaceContact the CRL representative for information on access to the Workspace.

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