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CRL negotiates on behalf of CIFNAL institutions to license specialized French-language databases for members of CIFNAL.  The CIFNAL Collection Development Working Group plays an active roled in identifying databases of interest to CIFNAL and identifying the subscription terms that would be acceptable to CIFNAL institutions.

CIFNAL currently facilitates subscriptions for its members for the electronic resources listed below:


Created in September 2005 by four French-language academic publishers (Belin, De Boeck, La Découverte and Erès) and with the cooperation of the National Library of France and the National Book Center of France, Cairn offers the most comprehensive collection of recent issues of French and Belgian journals in the humanities and social sciences available online.  Cairn's collections go back as far as 2001 for some titles.  Subscribing institutions may select one of several packages offered.

Electronic Enlightenment

Electronic Enlightenment is a full-text database of 18th-century primary sources from key figures of the Enlightenment. Contains texts from nearly 6,000 correspondents, 53,000 letters and documents, and nearly 230,000 critical annotations taken from major printed editions of correspondence from academic presses worldwide.

Le Grand Robert

Le Grand Robert contains the entirety of the Grand Robert de la Langue Française in 6 volumes (his last edition). The online version makes accessible the 100,000 word definitions and 325,000 quotations from this prestigious dictionary.

Klapp-Online, Bibliography of French Literature

In 2012, the long-established Klapp bibliography of French literature was converted into a database covering the years 1991–2011, presented as Klapp-Online. Annual updates will be released each fall, integrated with the cumulative coverage. The publishers plan to continue with annual printed volumes as well.


OpenEdition serves the humanities and social sciences research communities through four publication and information platforms: OpenEdition Books (books series), Revues.org (scientific journals), Calenda, (academic announcements), and Hypotheses (research blogs). In 2015, all platforms receive 5 million visitors per month from all around the world.  OpenEdition is developed by the Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (Cleo), a non-profit public initiative promoting Open Access academic publishing, with the support of the main French research institutions. Since 2011, OpenEdition is complemented by a Freemium programme addressing libraries’ specific needs in a variety of formats and services.

More details about each of these offers can be found in eDesiderata, which is available only to members.

Some offers may be exclusive to CIFNAL members.  Institutions are encouraged to join CIFNAL.

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Featured: Bibliothèque Bleue

CIFNAL is collaborating with the University of Chicago to add text-searching and analysis capabilities to Bibliothèque Bleue, a collection of fiction, popularized histories, and advice manuals printed in France in the 17th to the early 19th centuries.