Expanding the Shared Collections Network, A CRL Forum at ALA

Event Logistics

Friday, June 23, 2017
11:00 a.m-1:00 p.m. Central Time
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago, Meeting Room Burnham/CC 23 A-C (second floor)
CRL Events - events@crl.edu

CRL is exploring how to further expand the scope and improve the quality of its shared collections. Succeeding in this will require new partnerships with other trusted repositories and programs. Existing CRL partnerships with the Linda Hall Library and LLMC have radically increased the number of STE serials available to CRL libraries through RapidILL and provided electronic access to thousands of volumes and millions of pages of critical legal publications. 

CRL recently laid out its agenda for shared print, and the implications for CRL's future, on which CRL president Bernard Reilly reported at the annual meeting of voting members on April 21.The June Forum will go into greater depth on CRL’s effort to define the scope of “critical corpus” of serial literature worthy of preservation, and will provide a new analysis of the current shared print landscape. The forum will be an opportunity for representatives of CRL libraries to contemplate CRL’s print and digital agenda and to weigh in on the appropriate scope and benefits of CRL’s work in these areas. 


A PAPR Analysis of the Shared Print Landscape and CRL’s Place in the Landscape   Bernard F. Reilly, President, CRL

CRL has laid out its goals for shared print in the agenda for 2017-2026. Accomplishing that agenda involves leveraging the work of regional efforts in which CRL libraries are investing, to maximize the return on that investment and avoid unnecessary duplication of time and resources. This presentation will survey the larger North American shared print landscape and suggest potential areas for partnerships to advance CRL libraries' interests.  

Defining the “Critical Corpus”: A Status Report on the CRL Analysis   Amy Wood, Head, Technical Services, CRL

With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, CRL is developing and costing out a methodology and strategy to identify the “critical corpus” of journal literature published in print form. The goal is to enable North American libraries to focus resources on preserving the print serials most important to academic research in the humanities and social sciences. This presentation will report preliminary findings and the outlook for further work. 

Panel discussion: What Should CRL be Looking for in New Partnerships?  Moderator: Martha Hruska, University of California, San Diego, and Chair, CRL Collections Services and Policy Committee (CSPC).  Panelists: Linda DiBiase, University of Washington; Carmelita Pickett, University of Iowa; Karla Strieb, Ohio State University; Caitlin Tillman, University of Toronto. Members of the CSPC will discuss objectives and implications of the shared print agenda, and solicit attendee thoughts on the appropriate scope and return on CRL's investment.

Questions for discussion


What kind of access to archived materials should CRL libraries expect from a partner repository?

What guiding principles should CRL follow in setting priorities for systematic digitization? How should CRL approach issues relating copyright and potential commercial interests?


How does CRL weigh the importance of “curatorial” care of archived holdings versus redundancy in evaluating the archiving services of potential partners?

To what extent should auditing and/or independent verification of holdings be required in future CRL shared print partnerships? 


How do CRL libraries help bring researchers and scholars into the conversation to help frame a clear and convincing narrative on shared print?


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Box lunches will be provided.