2011 CRL Annual Members Council Meeting and Collections Forum

Event Logistics

Thursday, April 21, 2011
CRL (Webcast)
Bernie Reilly - breilly@crl.edu

Continuity: Evidence and Primary Sources in a Digital Age

The 2011 CRL Annual Members Council Meeting, an online webinar presentation, is an opportunity for staff and faculty at CRL libraries to help shape CRL’s agenda and activities for the coming year. (The 2012 Council Meeting will be an in-person event, and will take place in Chicago in April 2012.)

If your institution is a CRL member, click the “Register Now” button above to fill out our online registration form. You will receive a confirmation email with login instructions for the webcast. Technical information for CRL’s webcasts can also be found on our webinars page.


Business Meeting

During the Business Meeting, the main governance event of CRL’s year, designated representatives of voting member institutions review and vote on the slate of Board members and annual budget for the coming fiscal year.

10:00 am to 12:00 p.m. Central Time

  • Chair’s Report: Fred Heath
  • Secretary’s Report: Leslie Weir
  • President’s Report: Bernard Reilly
  • Treasurer’s Report and Proposed Budget for FY 2012: Sarah Michalak
  • Nomination and Election of Board of Directors: Fred Heath
  • CRL Primary Source Awards


Business meeting documents


CRL Collections Forum

Continuity: Evidence and Primary Sources in a Digital Age

Session I - 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. Central Time

Expanding Access to Primary Source Collections and Databases

Growing privatization of information media is changing the ways in which libraries provide access to news, legal and government publications, and legacy collections in agriculture and technology. This session will report on recent developments in these arenas and CRL’s work to support library collection development in this environment.

This 90-minute session will focus on the following:

  • New and ongoing CRL partnerships: the digitization of news, archives, and primary legal publications
  • Licensing electronic resources: where CRL is focusing its efforts
  • Accelerating the transition from print to digital: new CRL support for archiving in news, agriculture, and law.


Session II - 2:45 to 4:00 p.m. Central Time

Preserving Primary Source Collections and Databases

In 2010, Portico announced its plans to archive digital collections from Gale Cengage and Adam Matthew Digital; and HathiTrust is an emerging repository for millions of early books and serials. This session will focus on recent developments in the archiving of digitized primary source collections, and will feature discussions on the future of preservation of digital collections.

Winston Atkins, Preservation Officer at Duke University Libraries and member of CRL’s Certification Advisory Panel, will speak with:

  • Eileen Fenton, Managing Director of Portico
  • John Wilkin, Executive Director of HathiTrust
  • Amy Kirchoff, Archive Service Product Manager at ITHAKA

Topics covered will include business models, costs, terms of access, and other subjects identified as priorities through the event registration survey.


The Impact of CRL

Stories illustrating CRL’s impact on research, teaching, collection building and preservation.

Helping Libraries Deal with ‘Big’ Data

At CRL’s 2018 Global Collections Forum, Julie Sweetkind-Singer, Head of Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections at Stanford University Libraries, discussed how satellite imagery and large geospatial datasets are being used as source materials for scholars in a variety of disciplines, and the new types of library support they require.

Unique Arab Diaspora Materials Saved for Future Scholars

In FY 2018 the Middle East Materials Project (MEMP) microfilmed Arab-language publications from several diaspora communities in non-Arab countries, including the UK, Japan, the U.S., and Poland. These resources continue to affirm MEMP’s role as a provider of rare and distinctive documentation for scholars.