Indonesia projects with the Ford Foundation

SEAM has collaborated closely with the Ford Foundation on a variety of microfilming projects in Indonesia.  In exchange for provision of raw film stock, SEAM has received positive microfilm copies of the collections below.  Print indexes to the collections are available on loan at CRL.

Fakultas Sastra, Universitas Indonesia manuscript collection

(Faculty of Letters, University of Indonesia)
The entire collection of over 2300 Javanese manuscripts at the University of Indonesia (Faculty of Letters) was filmed as part of this project.
- 250 reels plus catalog (Katalog induk naskah-naskah nusantara, Jilid 3), on-line index
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Manuscripts of the Kraton Yogyakarta

The approximately 700 filmed manuscripts originated from the palace (kraton) collections in Yogyakarta, Central Java.  The ca. 450 manuscripts from the Widaya Budaya collection include court annals as well as works of general interest such as literature, history, genealogy, religion, and arts.  With a few exceptions, most notably a Koran from 1797, these manuscripts were copied in the 19th and early 20th century.  The ca. 250 Krida Mardawa manuscripts are on dance, music, and wayang (wong and gedhog). The majority were copied in the 1920s and 1930s.  This collection was given to SEAM by Sultan Hamengkubowono IX of Yogyakarta.
- 121 reels plus catalog (Katalog induk naskah-naskah nusantara, Jilid 2)
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Newspapers at the National Library of Indonesia

Not officially a Ford Foundation project, this was the first effort of SEAM in collaboration with the Perpustakaan Nasional in Indonesia.  In 1983, Alan Feinstein proposed filming (or acquiring) up to 75 Javanese-language newspapers at the National Library, including Bramartani (Jurumartani), Djawi Kondo, and Darma Kondo, some of the earliest vernacular newspapers of the Indies.

Perpustakaan Nasional Republik Indonesia manuscript collection

(Manuscripts of the National Library of Indonesia)
50% of the total collection of 9870 manuscripts in a variety of languages at PNRI were filmed.- 850 reels plus catalog (Katalog induk naskah-naskah nusantara, Jilid 4), on-line index
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Proyek Pelestarian Naskah Universitas Hasanuddin, Yayasan Ford

(South Sulawesi Manuscripts)
This collection was gathered from a variety of institutions in the region: Hasanuddin University (UnHas), the National Archives branch in Ujung Pandang, and regional offices of the Pusat Bahasa, Balai Kajian Sejarah dan Nilai-nilai Tradisional, the Provincial Museum, and the Regional Library.  Approximately 4040 manuscripts, mainly in Buginese, Makasarese, and Mandarese, were filmed.
- 107 reels plus preliminary index (reels 1-82)
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Sonobudoyo Museum Project

First proposed in 1986, this project was to film the manuscript collection at the Museum Negeri Sonobudoyo in Yogyakarta.  This collection, the largest single collection in Indonesia outside of Jakarta, contains approximately 1,350 manuscripts on Javanese history, religion, and culture collected mainly in the first half of this century.  The subject matter ranges from historical chronicles (babad) to texts on genealogy, law, Wayang, literature, Javanese ethics, Islam, almanacs, language, music, dance, and customary law.
- 162 reels and catalog (Katalog induk naskah-naskah nusantara, Jilid 1)
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Surakarta Manuscript Project

(Javanese language manuscripts of Surakarta, Central Java)
SEAM has received microfilm of 2,300 manuscripts from the Museum Radya Pustaka, Istana Mangkunegaran, and Istana Sultan Surakarta (Surakarta, Indonesia), courtesy of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology in Leiden (Netherlands).  This was one of the earliest microfilm efforts of the Ford Foundation (and NEH) in the region.  The Radya Pustaka is the oldest museum in Surakarta (Solo) and houses more than 3,000 manuscripts in Javanese, Indonesian, and Dutch languages.   The Rekso Pustoko in the Istana Mangkunegaran holds rare volumes of literature, religion, and philosophy in Javanese.  The microfilmed manuscripts include dynastic histories, genealogies of Surakarta kings, history of Islamic prophets, studies of Javanese language and literature, accounts of royal travel, court ceremonies, Wayang plays, correspondence and diaries, and more.  The collection is described in "Javanese language manuscripts of Surakarta, Central Java : a preliminary descriptive catalogue / by Nancy J. Florida".
- 227 reels 35mm, 51 reels 16 mm.
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Universitas Padjadjaran (Bandung) manuscript collection

(Sundanese Manuscripts)
This collection was gathered from of 1800 manuscripts was filmed on 52 reels of microfilm.   Unfortunately, the microfilms sent to SEAM were not successfully delivered.   SEAM is attempting to obtain another copy of this collection.

Pos Maluku

SEAM Microfilms Pos Maluku

The Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM) has preserved issues from 1991 to 1994 of the Indonesian newspaper Pos Maluku. This title is published in the city of Ambon, in the Maluku province of Eastern Indonesia. In the early 2000s, Maluku experienced armed conflict between Muslims and Christians.