SEAM Holdings List

All SEAM holdings can be found in CRL’s online catalog.  This page features partial lists and descriptions of SEAM’s collections that do not lend themselves to descriptions in Guides to Collections.

The August 2011 SEAM Holdings List, the most comprehensive source of SEAM’s collection, contains the definitive bibliographic listing of all materials SEAM has collected since its inception in 1970. The list displays material organized by country, alphabetized by author/title, and has separately organized sections for monographs, serials, and newspapers.

Due to the size of the printed guide (750+ pages), the Web version is presented both as a complete list as well as smaller segments for easier download.

Complete SEAM Holdings list 2011; 754 pages (6 MB)

SEAM List 1 Table of Contents, 7 pages (155 KB)
SEAM List 2 Australia-Burma, 82 pages (471 KB)
SEAM List 3 Cambodia-India, 98 pages (527 KB)
SEAM List 4 Indonesia, 276 pages (1.2 MB)
SEAM List 5 Italy-Norway, 58 pages (318 KB)
SEAM List 6 Philippines-Vietnam, 92 pages (1.8 MB)
SEAM List 7 Newspapers, 142 pages (1.8 MB)

Recent Receipts and Cataloged Items

These lists of recently received and cataloged SEAM items are provided to members at the meetings of SEAM, which are held once a year.

Pos Maluku

SEAM Microfilms Pos Maluku

The Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM) has preserved issues from 1991 to 1994 of the Indonesian newspaper Pos Maluku. This title is published in the city of Ambon, in the Maluku province of Eastern Indonesia. In the early 2000s, Maluku experienced armed conflict between Muslims and Christians.