SEAM Collections

Collection Guides

SEAM's microform and digital collections form a large pool of historical, political, linguistic, economic, and geographical data and primary source materials not available elsewhere. Many of the sets contain archival material or large collections of material that do not lend themselves to traditional analytic cataloging. Many of these sets have Collection Guides to help scholars locate specific material of interest to their research.

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Holdings List

A comprehensive Holdings List of SEAM material is also available.  The Holdings List is organized by country of publication.

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Current SEAM Projects

Researchers who are interested in SEAM's current activities may check the list of Current SEAM Projects, which lists those projects recently funded by SEAM, but not yet complete.

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Guidelines for Proposing a New Project

New materials are added to the SEAM collection on an ongoing basis.  Funding proposals for acquisitions and new projects are considered each year at SEAM's annual meeting.  Proposals to preserve or acquire research material in microfilm, digital or other format are welcomed by SEAM.  Guidelines for proposing a SEAM project will assist members in crafting successful proposals.

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Pos Maluku

SEAM Microfilms Pos Maluku

The Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM) has preserved issues from 1991 to 1994 of the Indonesian newspaper Pos Maluku. This title is published in the city of Ambon, in the Maluku province of Eastern Indonesia. In the early 2000s, Maluku experienced armed conflict between Muslims and Christians.