LAMP Prospectus

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of the Latin American Materials Project (LAMP) is to acquire, preserve, and maintain for its subscribers microform collections of unique, scarce, rare, and bulky or  voluminous research materials pertaining to Latin America. LAMP emphasizes original filming, though it may also purchase existing microfilm, and make scholarly materials more accessible digitally. LAMP conducts its activities on the basis of annual subscription fees, plus outside resources, including grant funds, as appropriate.
  2. Organization
    The LAMP Committee
    The LAMP Committee consists of one representative from each subscribing institution wishing such representation, plus the CRL Coordinator.
    Each member institution is responsible for naming its representative to the LAMP Committee and communicating the name of that individual to the Chairperson of the LAMP Executive Board and to the CRL Coordinator.
    The LAMP Committee meets annually in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials.
    The official business of the LAMP Committee may be conducted by mail ballot or in person at the annual meeting.  Each member institution is entitled to one vote on each question, which may take place by electronic ballot. Voting shall be decided by a simple majority of all ballots returned by the stated deadline.

    The functions of the LAMP Committee are:
    • To establish annual and retrospective subscription fees for domestic and international members. (See Appendix I for the current annual subscription.)
    • To determine LAMP’s acquisitions policy
    • To set the expense level at which a proposed acquisition, filming, or digital project will require approval by the full LAMP Committee rather than its Executive Committee (See Appendix II for the current level.)
    • To select the three institutional representatives who comprise the Executive Committee
    • To work with the Center for Research Libraries in developing mutually acceptable policies for operations and access. Proposed changes that affect this Prospectus must be ratified through the procedure established in Section 7.
    The Executive Committee
    LAMP’s Executive Committee consists of three institutional representatives selected from the full LAMP Committee, the CRL coordinator and the Head of the Library of Congress Hispanic Division or a proxy as ex-officio members. The Executive Committee’s three institutional representatives serve for staggered three-year terms, and one new member is chosen at each annual meeting. Selection is by self- or third-party nomination, followed by an open vote. The candidate who receives the most votes is elected. Vacated positions are filled until the following annual meeting by the Chairperson of the Executive Committee. Longer-term vacancies are filled, to the normal expiration of the original incumbent’s term, through the nomination and balloting process just described. The Executive Committee is authorized to meet in conjunction with such non-SALALM events as ALA’s Midwinter Meeting or the International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association.

    The duties of the Executive Committee are:
    • To determine specific acquisitions in accordance with the policies of LAMP as determined by the full LAMP Committee
    • To make policy recommendations to the full LAMP Committee
    • To carry on LAMP’s business between meetings of the full LAMP Committee
    • To circulate minutes of both the Executive Committee meetings and the annual meeting of the full LAMP Committee as soon as possible after each meeting
    • To maintain close liaison with such scholarly associations as the Conference on Latin American History, the Latin American Studies Association, and the Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials; to similarly maintain contact with the other Area Studies projects and the Global Resources Network Projects associated with the Center for Research Libraries; and to remain aware of current trends in preservation and cooperative collection development as articulated through such agencies as the Council on Library and Information Resources. These contacts will enhance LAMP’s ability to assess priorities, to employ appropriate technologies in conducting its projects, and to develop strategies for the future.
    The Chairperson
    The Executive Committee chooses a Chairperson from its membership. The same person may serve as Chairperson for more than one year.

    The duties of the Chairperson are:
    • To ensure that the Executive Committee fulfills its charges in an expeditious manner
    • To work with the Center for Research Libraries in identifying and resolving issues of policy, procedure, and operations
    • To prepare an agenda for the full LAMP Committee
    • To preside over the annual meeting of the full LAMP Committee
    • To serve as LAMP’s representative to meetings of the CRL-based Area Studies Council
    • To appoint members of the full LAMP Committee, as needed, to fill temporary vacancies on the Executive Committee
    The Center for Research Libraries
    • LAMP is administered by the Center for Research Libraries, which bills for and receives all subscription fees. The Center utilizes these fees and other LAMP income in order to acquire, catalog, house, and circulate materials, and to carry out all other activities related to LAMP and its administration.
    • An official LAMP Coordinator from the Center for Research Libraries, appointed by the President of the Center, serves as an ex-officio member of the LAMP Committee and as a nonvoting ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. Meeting attendance by the CRL Coordinator will, as required, be funded by LAMP.
  3. Membership
    Any nonprofit institution may request to become a LAMP subscriber, subject to approval by LAMP’s Executive Committee. CRL membership is not a requisite for participating in LAMP. Subscribers may withdraw from LAMP by providing written notice to the CRL Coordinator by March 15 of the year preceding withdrawal.

    Project subscribers have the following rights and obligations
    • Any current subscriber may borrow all LAMP owned material, provided membership fees are paid.
    • Any former subscriber shall retain the right to borrow materials acquired both during its subscription period and during the two years following termination of that subscription.
    • Any subscriber may purchase at cost from LAMP, for its own use, positive microfilm prints for negatives controlled by LAMP. Such negatives must have been acquired during the subscriber’s years of dues-paying participation, plus the two years immediately following its subscription cancellation. Active subscribers may also borrow positive prints purchased by the project, and will regularly receive list of LAMP holdings.
    • A group of subscribers may purchase positive prints for negatives controlled by LAMP for the years during which their subscriptions have been paid. These prints shall not be loaned to institutions not subscribing to LAMP.
    • Any borrowing institution will reimburse LAMP for any damage or loss of film that occurs while the film is in its custody. Loan provisions are those generally in force at the Center for Research Libraries.
    • International members may borrow LAMP materials but they are required to pay all shipping charges to receive the materials from CRL and return the materials to CRL.
  4. Subscription Fees
    LAMP subscribers in the United States and Canada pay an annual subscription fee that is due and payable in full on July 1 of the subscription year. The annual fee is set out in Appendix I of this Prospectus.  LAMP subscribers in Latin America and the Caribbean pay an annual subscription fee that is 25% of the fee established for the United States and Canada.  LAMP’s subscription and fiscal year run from July 1 to June 30 of the following year.


  5. Access to Materials by Nonmembers
    Any LAMP holdings acquired through grant-funded projects may be borrowed by all members of the Center for Research Libraries, subject to the limitations established in Section 3, above. Nonmembers of the Center for Research Libraries who are not LAMP subscribers will have access to these materials through CRL’s nonmember interlibrary loan service and through on-site use in the Center’s reading room.

    Positive microforms acquired by LAMP will not be lent to nonsubscribers, except in special cases approved by the Executive Committee. Subscribers may not borrow LAMP holdings on behalf of non-subscribing libraries. A subscriber may borrow LAMP holdings for use in the library by a visiting scholar from a non-subscribing institution. The full LAMP Committee may approve “special case” exemptions to this Access Policy by mail ballot or majority vote during the annual meeting. (See Appendix III for current “special cases.”)

    Non-subscribing institutions may purchase positive microform copies of LAMP holdings from any negative acquired and controlled by LAMP for the cost of the positive print plus one-third of the negative cost.
  6. Ownership and Project Termination
    LAMP’s assets shall be the property of the Center for Research Libraries. Subscribers to LAMP will always have the right to purchase from the Center any positive print from any negative acquired and controlled by LAMP, for the cost of the positive print.

    Should LAMP be terminated, subscribers will retain their original rights of access to all microforms acquired during LAMP’s existence. Any cash balance shall be distributed among all members active as of the termination date.
  7. Amendment of Prospectus
    Amendments to this Prospectus may be proposed by any member of the LAMP Committee. For consideration during the current year, proposed amendments must be received by the Chairperson of the Executive Committee and the CRL Coordinator at least 90 days prior to the annual meeting.

    Within 60 days of the annual meeting, all subscribers will receive copies of the proposed amendment(s).

    Within 60 days of discussion at the annual meeting, the amendment(s) will be circulated to all subscribers of mail ballot. Amendments will be enacted with a ¾ majority among the ballots actually returned.

The Appendices detail LAMP policies currently in effect per procedures detailed in the Prospectus. The Appendices do not form a part of the Prospectus, per se.

Appendix I. The current annual LAMP subscription fee for subscribers in the United States and Canada is $800.  The annual fee for members in Latin America and the Caribbean is $200.

Appendix II. The Executive Committee is currently authorized to spend up to one year’s subscription income during any LAMP fiscal year.

Appendix III. The following “special case” exception to LAMP’s access policy was approved by the full LAMP Committee at its 1992 annual meeting:

“All CRL members will be allowed five filled requests totaling no more than 20 reels of microfilm or fifty sheets of microfiche, for materials acquired with LAMP funds. When an institution that does not subscribe to LAMP reaches this cut-off point, CRL will send it a letter that describes how LAMP serves scholarship and that urges it to consider participation. The institution will also be advised to contact the LAMP Executive Committee if it has a temporary research need that would justify a limited exemption from these restrictions. The subsequent decision of the Executive Committee will be final.”

April 17, 1912 edition of El Mercurio

LAMP has acquired microfilm for 1909–13 issues of the Santiago, Chile newspaper El Mercurio, which was founded in 1900. Today the conservative title is considered the country’s newspaper-of-record.