Guide to LAMP Collections

This page highlights important elements of the LAMP collection.  It does not represent the complete holdings of LAMP, but is rather a representative description of some noteworthy items in the collection.  For access to all of LAMP's holdings, please search the CRL Catalog.

Abdias Nascimento Collection

LAMP's microfilm collection contains a portion of the archival material about Abdias Nascimento held at the Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Afro-Brasileiros (IPEAFRO) in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  IPEAFRO has organized and microfilmed the collection, and has made some of it available on its website.  The collection held by LAMP includes sections on the Teatro Experimental do Negro, and Nascimento's political activity and correspondence.
Abdias Nascimento (1914-2011) was an Afro-Brazilian artist, scholar, and politician.  He founded the Black Experimental Theater in 1944 and later became the first Afro-Brazilian elected to the Senate in Brazil.
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Aramayo-Francke Archives

LAMP has filmed a partial set of an extremely valuable collection of documents from the Aramayo-Francke Company, one of the principal mining companies of the nineteenth century and one of the "Big Three" in the twentieth century tin mining boom.  The archives, located in Tupiza, Bolivia, span the period 1869 to 1934 and consist of 354,000 papers of all types.  The archives contain a set of 256 "Copiadores de Cartas," copies of letters sent as well as binders of letters received. The "Copiadores" contain not just business correspondence, but also the private correspondence of Felix Avelino Aramayo, revealing many personal facets of the lives of mining elites and of social history.
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Archivo Miguens

The Archivo Miguens, located at the Universidad de San Andres in Argentina, contains information on public opinion research made by the initiative directed by Dr. Jose Enrique Miguens between 1958 and 1973.  It consists of 31 folders of approximately 792 typed pages each.  The information covers a wide spectrum of themes of interest to social scientists and historians:  attitudes with respect to privatization, public perceptions of international conflicts that affected Argentina (especially border disputes), images of political parties, Armed Forces and other social institutions, etc.
Most of the samples are statistically representative and of national coverage, although also there are studies between leaders of opinion and sectorial representatives.  A significant number of the indicators were included in more than one measurement, with which the file offers the possibility of studying the long-term evolution of different attitudes, perceptions and opinions in Argentina.
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Brasil - Nunca Mais Project

LAMP holds 538 reels of microfilm containing court documents (processos) from Brazil's Military Supreme Court.  These proceedings document the cases of over 7,000 persons arrested, charged, convicted, and/or executed by the Court between 1964 and 1979.  The official records, which were copied in secret, document human rights violations by the military government in Brazil during this period.
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Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project

LAMP digitized executive branch serial documents issued by Brazil's national government between 1821 and 1993, and by its provincial governments from the earliest available to the end of the Empire in 1889.
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Centro de Documentacion e Investigacion de la Cultura Izquierdas (CeDInCI)

LAMP approved funding to this archive to microfilm periodicals, books, pamphlets, flyers, and other materials published by Argentina's many social organizations and political groups on national and international political movements (including anti-fascism, Communism, Socialism, and other leftist movements).
Publicaciones periodicas y seriadas socialistas, 1899-1951 
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Publicaciones politicas y culturales Argentinas, c. 1900-1950
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Publicaciones politicas y culturales Argentinas, c. 1917-1956
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Publicaciones politicas y culturales Argentinas, 1923-1986 
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Colección Lafragua

This filming project involved the Biblioteca Nacional de México, LAMP, and the Fideicomiso para la cultura Mexico/USA.  The Colección Lafragua contains books, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, articles, and other documents covering 19th century Mexican intellectual history, originally assembled by José María Lafragua, first director of the Biblioteca Nacional de México.  This 236 reel set has preserved the majority of the original collection.  Separate bibliographies to the collection serve as a guide to the microfilm.  Access material through collection accession number, for example LAF 125.
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Guide for materials 1800-1810 
Guide for materials 1811-1821 
Guide for materials 1821-1853 
Guide for materials 1854-1875

Encuesta de Folklore de 1921

LAMP has acquired a set of 109 reels of microfilm containing approximately 88,000 manuscript pages of songs, legends, nursery rhymes, and traditional stories from rural Argentina. The materials were compiled by Argentine elementary school teachers in 1921, from elderly residents of many rural areas in Argentina.
The first three reels of the collection contain a catalog of the collection by Ricardo Rojas.  The collection was acquired from Argentina’s Centro de Estudios Hist́oricos e Informacíon Parque de Espãna.
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The Gibbs Archive:  the papers of Antony Gibbs & Sons

LAMP acquired the microfilm set of the papers of Antony Gibbs & Sons, 1744-1953.  The 295 reel set consists of the Gibbs family papers, the business archives of Antony Gibbs & Sons, and the records of associated companies.  The Gibbs Archive chronicles the story of the descendants of Antony and Dorothea Gibbs, and records the evolution of the family business, Antony Gibbs & Sons Ltd.  The family papers offer insight into the background and life of an upwardly mobile British family whose success is crowned by a peerage.  The business papers are not only a mine of information about the business community in Britain, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Rhodesia, but also provide information about Latin America, because the company actively traded in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil.
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Haitian Periodicals in the Saint Louis de Gonzague Collection

In 1984 LAMP approved an ambitious project to microfilm Haitian periodicals in the Saint Louis de Gonzague Collection in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  This remarkable colleciton of some 330 Haitian newspapers and journals is especially rich for the period of 1840 to the present.  The project, which received funds from the Ford Foundation, allowed for the selection and filming of titles in this collection which are not held by other libraries in Haiti or elsewhere.  It was successfully completed under the direction of Professor Leon-Francois Hoffman of Princeton University.

Hunter College.  Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños.  Vertical Files

The Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños was founded by the City University of New York in 1973.  Its primary goal is to promote an integral analysis of Puerto Rican society, establishing links between the island situation and its extensions in the 'barrios' of the United States.
The vertical files of the collection house a wide range of materials covering both Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans in the U.S.  Central to the file is the collection concerned with Puerto Rican politics and government.  The file contains thousands of newspaper clippings, numerous pamphlets (many of them rare), flyers, unpublished papers and reports.  Periodical publications of various political parties and groups have been included because of their historical value and scarcity.  In the collection, some of the more unique items relate to the Partido Socialista (1950-1952), Partido Comunista (1934- ), Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico (1922- ), Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño (1946- ), Partido Socialista Puertorriqueño (1946- ), and other political groups.
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Latin American Serials from the Benson Collection

LAMP and the University of Texas at Austin duplicated 600 serials from Latin America. These rare materials from the Benson Latin American Collection include government publications and other serials published from 1821-1982.

The rare and endangered titles were originally captured in microfilm in the early 1980s through a U.S. Department of Education Title II-C grant. The Benson Library created archival-quality master negatives, but were unable make these accessible until print masters and catalog records could be created. The LAMP effort supported the duplication of film, which included a copy to be held at the Center for Research Libraries, and Texas supported the cataloging of the resources. This eight-year effort has added approximately 900 reels of microfilm to LAMP’s collection.

Libros de Acuerdo del Cabildo Secular de Potosi, 1562-1817

LAMP funded the cataloging of the Libros de Acuerdo del Cabildo Secular de Potosi, 1562-1817 collection, which is held at the Archivo y Biblioteca Nacionales de Bolivia.
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
Volume 5

Ministerial Reports of Latin America

In 1986, LAMP and the Library of Congress received a grant award from the National Endowment for the Humanities to increase researchers' access to primary source materials containing statistical and administrative data from the ministries of Latin America.  The project preserved ministerial reports of 19 countries from pre-1959 reporting periods.
Since the end of the grant period, LAMP and the Library of Congress have continued to collaborate on the preservation of these ministerial reports (Memorias).  The attached lists represent microfilm created as part of the project and follow-on activities of the Library of Congress.  It does not represent all of LAMP's holdings of government documents.  For more documents relating to Brazil in digital format, see the Brazilian Government Documents
Guides to the collection are organized by country:
Argentina  Bolivia  Brazil  Chile  Colombia  Costa Rica 
Cuba  Dominican Republic  Ecuador   El Salvador  Guatemala 
Honduras  Mexico  Nicaragua  Panama  Paraguay  Peru 
Uruguay  Venezuela

El Obrero Municipal

LAMP microfilmed this newspaper, which was published by the Unión Obreros Municipales (the workers' union for the public employees of Buenos Aires City Government).  The union was led by activists from the Socialist Party from 1916 to 1943.  Successive years traded control between Peronist party and the Socialistas.  The paper was issued monthly (with bimonthly supplements starting in 1944).  Filming for this project was coordinated by CEHIPE in Argentina and includes the newspaper's subsequent title changes.
El Obrero Municipal 1917-1947  Catalog Record
Unión Obreros Municipales 1947-1948  Catalog Record 
Unión Obreros y Empleados Municipales 1951-1967  Catalog Record


LAMP worked with the Fundación para la Protección de la Infancia Dañada por los Estados de Emergencia (PIDEE) in Santiago, Chile to organize and preserve their case files.  PIDEE was founded during the Pinochet dictatorship in order to address the needs of children affected by repression, including 'disappeared' parents, disrupted families, and political prisoners.
In order to borrow material from this collection, the patron's Interlibrary Loan request must be accompanied by a signed declaration form.
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Princeton Theological Seminary Journals

LAMP supported the microfilming of 134 Latin American religion periodicals held at the Princeton Theological Seminary.  The Theological Seminary began research-level collecting of Latin American materials in religion and theology with intensity in the 1970s.  The focus is on Protestant and Catholic religious literature, and the emphasis is on post Vatican II material and the emergence of liberation theology.  Items are cataloged individually.

William F. Buckley, Sr. papers, 1880-1948

This set originates from the archival collection at the University of Texas at Austin.  Buckley lived in Mexico from 1908 until 1921, when he was expelled for opposition to the Alvaro Obregon government.  He was an advisor to U.S. and European oil companies, operated a law firm, and engaged in real estate and leasing of oil lands.  He was also founder and president of the American Association of Mexico, through which he worked to remove restrictions on U.S. oil and landed interests in Mexico imposed by the Mexican Constitution of 1917.
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April 17, 1912 edition of El Mercurio

LAMP has acquired microfilm for 1909–13 issues of the Santiago, Chile newspaper El Mercurio, which was founded in 1900. Today the conservative title is considered the country’s newspaper-of-record.