Linda Hall Library Begins Digitizing Monographs

Linda Hall monograph

Thursday, February 21, 2013
Teeaye Nettles -

The Center for Research Libraries continues to expand upon its partnership with Linda Hall Library (LHL).  Beginning March 1, LHL will begin digitizing single volumes of their open monograph collection to fulfill requests from scholars at CRL libraries. Due to royalty costs, standards are not included among those materials eligible for digitizing. At this time, material eligible for scanning will be pre-1950 monographs.

The material can be found by searching Linda Hall Library’s collection through OCLC. (Linda Hall Library’s OCLC symbol is LHL.)  All CRL member institutions should make sure that their OCLC profile now includes the Center for Research Libraries along with their other group affiliations. If your institution has not been labeled as a Center for Research Libraries group affiliate in OCLC, please contact Kevin Wilks at CRL ( immediately.

CRL member institutions should submit their interlibrary loan requests for Linda Hall Library material directly to LHL.  In order to maintain the institution’s excellent turnaround time, the request will be updated as SHIPPED immediately. LHL will then proceed to scan the requested material. Once scanning has been completed, the digital file of the material will be delivered to CRL for OCR and any additional processing and cataloging.  The file will then be posted to the CRL web and notification sent to the requesting member institution.  The entire process should normally take five business days. All digital files of requested materials will be delivered to CRL via FTP for subsequent posting on the CRL DDS server for future access by CRL-authorized users through CRL’s online catalog, OCLC, ProQuest’s Summon, and Ex Libris’ Primo.

There is no cost for CRL libraries’ use of this service through the partnership arrangement. For more information, libraries should contact CRL’s Access Initiatives staff.

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