Global Press Archive Alliance Makes First In-Copyright Collection Available

May 18, 1980 issue of Dustūr (Amman, Jordan) (الدستور), from the Global Press Archive collection

Monday, May 18, 2020
Maria Smith -

CRL and East View Information Services have launched Middle East Newspapers, the first in-copyright collection of titles digitized under the Global Press Archive (GPA) CRL Charter Alliance. Complementing the collection of Middle East and North African Newspapers released in January 2020, the new in-copyright collection is openly available to all CRL members and NERL institutions supporting the Alliance.

In addition to Open Access content in MENA Newspapers, the in-copyright collection will eventually include five important titles from the region, including:

  • al-Jumhūrīyah (Cairo, Egypt) (الجمهورية), a state-owned paper covering the years 1962–1990;
  • Filasṭīn (Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel) (فلسطين), an Arabic-language Palestinian newspaper (1956–1967);
  • al-Dustūr (Amman, Jordan) (الدستور), a successor to Filasṭīn and al-Manar following the Six Day War (1967–2000);
  • al-Riyadh (الرياض), a pro-government independent paper published in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1969–1996);
  • al-Akhbar (Beirut, Lebanon) (الاخبار), a contemporary "progressive" newspaper still in publication in Lebanon (2006–2019).

Much of the material has never been available in digital or text-searchable form, providing the opportunity for deep consultation of unique and rarely held publications across the region.

Middle East Newspapers is a part of the GPA/CRL Charter Alliance, a multi-year, flagship collaboration between CRL and East View Information Services to deliver nine collections comprising up to 4.5 million pages of content, including 3 million pages of public domain or “orphaned” material available as Open Access and an additional 1.5 million pages of in-copyright content available to CRL institutions. In addition to hosting on the GPA platform, East View will provide all of the files and metadata to CRL for local hosting, with eventual support for computational analysis available on request.

East View's Global Press Archive (GPA) is an initiative of East View Information Services in conjunction with Stanford Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives to make available an unprecedented volume of global news publications in full-image and full-text format for scholarly use.

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