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Front page of 2008 edition of Rafu Shimpo

Monday, December 3, 2012
Mary Wilke -

The Center for Research Libraries will purchase twelve valuable microform and reprint collections through this year’s Purchase Proposal Program, with a list price value of $181,848. These sets will soon be available through interlibrary loan from CRL.

Many major microform and reprint sets and collections can be too costly for individual institutions, and are not readily available through interlibrary loan. Through the CRL Purchase Proposal Program, libraries nominate microform and hard copy collections for CRL purchase. Participation in this cooperative purchase program is one of the benefits of a CRL membership.

[Note: The amount CRL allocated for this program is slightly lower this year as part of this fund has been reserved for the continuing purchase of the Archivo General de Centro America, 1544-1821 (Central American Archives).]

CRL members nominated and voted for the following sets in the 2013 program (a pdf version of this list is also available):

Bod-ljon par Tibet Daily(1961–66; 1979; 1982; 1984; 1998; 2002; and 2005–06)

  • 26 reels; $2,490 depending on exchange rate
  • Bod-ljon par Tibet Daily is the main Tibetan language newspaper published by the Chinese Communist Party in Tibet. This is a primary source for the study of Tibet over the last 50-60 years.


British Intelligence on the North-West Frontier 1901-1949: India Office Political and Secret Reports on Tribes and Terrorism. British Library and India Office Collections.

  • 33 reels; $7,549
  • Part of the IDC series British Intelligence Files, the materials in this collection document British attempts to impose order on the tribal territories. With details of policy initiatives familiar to contemporary observers of the current events, the files describe imperial struggles with jihadist movements and show how local leaders were able to stay out of British hands. The material covers the period from the 1901 creation of the North-West Frontier Province to 1949, by which time the Province had become an administrative region of Pakistan.

    This primary source is essential to understanding the modern history of Islam in Pakistan and India and valuable for research on British diplomacy and the history of attempts to deal with terrorism in the colonies.


Foreign Office Files for Post-War Europe, Series Two: The Treaty of Rome and European Integration, 1957-1960

  • 73 reels; $14,600
  • Series two of the Foreign Office Files for Post-War Europe comes in three parts and contains files from the Public Record Office Class FO 371. This set documents how the European Economic Community grew and rebuilt Europe after World War II.


Newspapers from Nazi Germany (1929–45)

  • 65 reels; $9,750
  • Titles of newspapers:
    • Völkischer Beobachter (Berlin, Germany: Norddeutsche Ausg.).
      CRL will purchase: 1929–June 1940; Sept.–Dec.1940; March 1941; 1942–March 1944; 1945.
    • Deutsche allgemeine Zeitung (Berlin, Germany)
      CRL will purchase: Apr. 13,1929–Sept. 1929; Apr. 26–28, 1932; Mar. 10–June 17, 1933; Nov. 3–9, 1939; March 10–12, 1945.
    • Der Angriff (Berlin, Germany)
      CRL will purchase: May–Aug. 1932; 1934–April 24, 1945.


Knickerbocker Press Newspaper (1910-1937)

  • 190 reels; $19,000
  • The Knickerbocker Press Newspaper is a regional newspaper from eastern upstate New York. This area has a long history as a hub for transportation (first steamboat line, the Erie Canal, a railway hub, and the first municipal airport in the United States) thus making it ideal for commerce and industry. It also became a center of political power. At one point, this newspaper carried the most advertisements for the Albany, N.Y. area and was important to industries wishing to reach “able-to-buy” markets. The newspaper advertised itself as a quality newspaper that served “society” readers.


Papers of Emma Hart Willard, 1787-1870

  • 25 reels; $6,420
  • This set includes personal papers and correspondence to and from the 19th-century women’s educator Emma Hart Willard.


Papers of the War Refugee Board

  • 59 reels; $15,034
  • Established by executive order no. 9417, the War Refugee Board (WRB) aided victims of Nazi oppression. This collection contains correspondence, memoranda, reports, indexes, and related papers pertaining to the WRB policies, programs and operations in 1944 and 1945.


Qing dai Xinjiang dang an xuan ji (清代新疆档案选辑)

  • 91 volumes; $9,256 depending on exchange rate
  • These volumes present Chinese language archival materials from the First Historical Archive of China, which houses archival materials of the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing governments (1644–1911). This collection is the first comprehensive published collection of archival materials regarding Xinjiang or Chinese Central Asia during the Qing period. The topics it covers are wide ranging, including but not limited to politics, social development, economic development, trade, agrarian development, labor relations, culture and religion, activities of local Islamic saints, etc. of Xinjiang.


The Rafu shimpo microfilm

  • This is a continuing purchase that will be acquired in three parts:
    • First part purchased, 132 reels (July 1914–49); $23,760
    • Second part purchased, 143 reels (1950–79); $25,740
    • Third part purchased, 129 reels (1980–2009); $23,200
    • Total cost: $72,700
  • The Rafu shimpo is a Japanese-American newspaper from Los Angeles and was published both in English and Japanese. This purchase will replace fragile CRL hard copy holdings and extend CRL’s microfilm holdings. Some comments from voters revealed how important this set was for the “burgeoning field of Asian American history/studies,” as it documents the “Japanese immigrant experience in the US.”


Satirische Zeitschriften (Satirical Periodicals)

  • 1355 fiche; $12,200
  • The editors of these German illustrated satirical periodicals defied threats and censorship to lampoon the local, national, and international situations of the time. They covered historical events that occurred from the time of Metternich through Wilhelm II to Hitler.


Sexualerleben und Körperkultur (Sexual Experience and Body Culture: Deutschsprachige Publikationen, 1880-1932.) Suppl. 1 2007

  • 580 microfiches; $3,500
  • Sexualerleben und Körperkultur is a German language publication that was published between 1880 and 1932. This supplemental set provides a glimpse into the German culture and their views on sexual experience and modernity.


Si Fa Gong Bao (司法公报)

  • 88 volumes; $8,299 depending on exchange rate
  • This publication covers the entire run of legislative bulletin at the national level throughout the Republican Minguo period, 1912–48.


Total List Price: $181,848 USD (includes the 2nd and 3rd parts of the purchase of the Rafu shimpo)

[Note: Based on comments received during the voting process, it was discovered that most of the content in Zhongguo jin dai fu nu za zhi (中国近代妇女杂志, Women's Magazines of Modern China) is covered in another set, Zhongguo jin xian dai nu xing qi kan hui bian, which is held by 19 CRL libraries. As a result, even though this set received a high ranking in the votes, it will not be purchased.]

For more information, please visit the Purchase Proposal Program page or contact Mary Wilke, Member Liaison and Outreach Services Director at:

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