CRL Libraries Donate Print STE Serials to Linda Hall Collections

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Marie Waltz -

Since 2012 CRL and the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering and Technology (LHL) have worked together to preserve, further develop, and provide access to historical research collections in the fields of science, technology and engineering.The combined CRL and LHL serials collections constitute a print repository of record, with STE holdings equivalent to the size and scope of a major academic research library. Moreover, Linda Hall has committed to continuing to build its STE print collections as a primary organizational focus.

To further strengthen the Linda Hall collections, many CRL libraries divesting of print serial titles in the fields of science, technology, and engineering have begun to donate those materials to Linda Hall. To date Linda Hall has received donations and fill-in issues of serials from nearly a dozen CRL member libraries. A recent donation from the University of Vermont, for example, included issues from more than 100 journals in biochemistry, earth science, energy production, and transportation. These filled gaps or extended runs in Linda Hall's existing holdings, and in a few cases added new titles within Linda Hall's collecting scope.The materials have now been processed into the LHL collection, and are available to both local patrons and CRL members.

CRL can assist member institutions in comparing their collections to the joint holdings of CRL and Linda Hall. For a collection comparison, please contact Amy Wood, CRL Head of Technical Services. For inquiries about donating serials to Linda Hall, please contact Benjamin Gross, Associate Vice President for Collections at Linda Hall. (Note that--unlike CRL's JSTOR program--Linda Hall does not pay shipping costs for donated materials.) For CRL JSTOR donation inquiries, please contact Marie Waltz, Special Projects Librarian at CRL.


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