CRL expands member benefits from Linda Hall Library

Masthead for Mechanical Engineer (May 22, 1914), jointly digitized by CRL and Linda Hall Library

Wednesday, October 5, 2016
James Simon -

CRL’s partnership with the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology (LHL) provides CRL member institutions access to more than 50,000 current and historical STE serial titles. Now in its fifth year, CRL's Global Resources STE Partnership continues to expand the benefits provided. Highlights include:

  • Rapid article delivery: Since the beginning of the partnership in 2012, LHL has fulfilled more than 33,000 requests to CRL members at no charge. Institutions of all types are taking advantage of this service, including public research universities (such as University of Minnesota and Arizona), four-year colleges (Macalester and Oberlin College), and specialized research institutions (CUNY Graduate Center). In September 2016 CRL adjusted the threshold for the amount of material available to CRL members who are also members of RapidILL (CRL/LHL's resource sharing partner), substantially increasing the number of articles provided by Linda Hall.
  • Digitization of historical serials: Announced in January, CRL and LHL have begun digitizing selected high-value serials (published pre-1950) held by the two organizations. Several titles related to early civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautics, and railroads have been scanned and are now accessible online. For example, Mechanical Engineer [1898-1914] and Arms & Explosives [1892-1920]).
  • Retention of critical print journals: Many libraries now rely on the LHL archived print when making collection management decisions (Linda Hall titles are listed in CRL's PAPR Registry), and many institutions (including Dartmouth, the University of Michigan, Occidental College, and others) have donated material to fill in gaps or add new titles not held by LHL. CRL's print archiving profile of Linda Hall provides details about the organization's preservation program.

CRL and Linda Hall are in the early stages of negotiations on the next phase of the partnership. (CRL's five-year agreement with LHL ends June 30, 2017.) We welcome members' thoughts and ideas about the future of this important endeavor.

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