CRL and California Digital Library Developing Print Archives Preservation Registry

Monday, May 16, 2011
Lizanne Payne -

CRL is working with the California Digital Library to develop a Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR). PAPR will support research library and consortial efforts to archive and manage critical print serial collections in an informed and cost-effective manner. PAPR will feature a searchable database of information about current print archiving programs and holdings worldwide.  The information will include titles held, program characteristics (such as retention period, level of content validation, facilities, accessibility), and availability of content in digital repositories. Initially, the system will manage information about the archived holdings of CRL, certain CRL partner libraries, and the Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST). PAPR will be used to compare and analyze journal holdings of WEST libraries,to enable WEST to identify archiving priorities.

The California Digital Library is providing system design and development services and will host the PAPR database and system under an agreement with CRL. PAPR will be available in early 2012, with additional enhancements planned for 2012–13.

The database will be openly searchable through the CRL website. Additional collection analysis and decision support services will be provided to the CRL community and other participants in the Global Resources Forum (GRF), a set of activities and resources evolved from CRL cooperative collection-building efforts. The Global Resources Forum is supported by CRL members and by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 

CRL has also engaged Ithaka S+R to advise on the further development of its “knowledge base” and related tools for library collection decision-making.  The knowledge base and tools, including PAPR, will augment existing CRL services and activities that support strategic development and management of collections at the local and regional level.

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