CRL- Ithaka study on print archiving

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Since our 2003 conference Preserving America’s Print Resources (PAPR)  CRL has done much to foster cooperative, strategic management of legacy print collections.  We have now engaged Ithaka S+R to help us better understand the factors that inform archiving practices and strategies by libraries and consortia at the regional and state levels, and the types of holdings information those efforts use and generate.  Ithaka S+R will also work with us to enhance existing CRL resources for archives decision-making by incorporating methodologies based on Ithaka S+R's What to Withdraw framework. Drawing on this scientific model for determining optimal levels of print retention, CRL aims to help libraries better integrate an understanding of system-wide print preservation needs and activities into local decisions.

During the next few months representatives from Ithaka S+R will interview a number of individuals at various CRL institutions and consortia, to explore practices and needs of those making decisions on print archiving.  We expect this study to yield benefits for many institutions in the CRL community, and will report our findings at CRL’s April 21 Council Meeting and Collections Forum. I would be grateful if those contacted will make time to participate in this study.

Bernard F. Reilly
Center for Research Libraries