Discussion Papers

Brief discussion and background papers on various aspects of area and international studies, collections and library acquisitions were prepared in advance of the conference:


  • Gibert W. Merkx – International Studies in the U.S.: an Overview the political-historical conditions that led to the rise and success of the U.S. Title VI interdisciplinary centers, which combine, and the case for continued support of the area, international and foreign language (AIFL) studies model. 


  • Charles Kurzman -- American Scholarship and the Global Turn:  measures the extent to which American universities have supported knowledge of foreign languages and cultures since establishment of the Title VI National Research Centers in 1958, based on international content published in the major social science journals. 


  • Dan C. Hazen -- Provocations and Irritations for the Globalized Research Library:  developments in the academy, the publishing and information industries, and the library world that "may be at odds with fully effective approaches to global research and learning"  and  assertions and questions about how those challenges might be met.







  • Background Document: Global E-Book Snapshot, compiled by members of the Global and Area Studies Department, Perkins Library, Duke University.
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